French Balayage – The Colour Trend of AW21

August 17, 2021

Paul Watts, JOICO European Design Team Member, advises on what The Colour Trend of AW21 will be…

2021 is the year of beautiful hair. With holidays on pause for the time being, we look to our international friends for inspiration and have uncovered the colour trend of AW21 – the French balayage.

The French balayage hair trend is a low maintenance colour trend which is about to take the colour world by storm. It’s aimed at those who want a striking colour with low maintenance, this look is set to revolutionize the balayage as we know it.

What is the French balayage?

French balayage is a new colour philosophy, taking the original balayage back to it Parisian roots, creating that effortless, graceful colour that is seen on the beautiful women around the city. It is luminous, healthy and completely effortless.

How is it achieved?

The beauty of balayage is that it is a highly personalised colour technique, tailored to the requirements of the client, taking into the account their hair type, texture and condition.

In order to achieve this, it’s all about the placement of the colour and having the artistic eye which allows you to blend the colours in such a subtle way that it looks completely natural. Working with freehand colour placement, the colours are ‘painted on’ and placed un sections which highlight the cut and the clients face shape, with colours being separated by cotton wool padding or loose foils.

Which hair type does this suit?

This new trend is suitable for all hair types – no one is excluded.

Does it suit all complexions?

Yes! The beauty of any balayage trend is that the colour can be completely tailored to suit the clients skin tone and complexion – its 100% personalised to them. Gone are the days of balayage for blondes only, there are so many colour combinations available that there this trend can be worked into darker hair colours too, not just blondes.

How to keep the style looking and feeling fantastic?

The best way to keep this style looking and feeling fantastic is by advising clients to book in for a glossing service around 4-6 weeks between each appointment. Not only will this enhance the beautiful shine of the hair, it will also add a layer of protection to the hair, preventing this from damage whist locking in the colour for a longer period of time.

And of course, I always recommend a professional colour shampoo and conditioner which protects the colour and keeps it as vibrant as possible and of course a heat protection spray to those clients who use heated styling appliances.