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4 top tips for shooting a great image

December 10, 2020

Michael Young of Hooker & Young shares some advice from behind the camera.

  1. Having a strong connection with a model is the single most important thing for me. 

    When a model is comfortable in her own skin – that’s when great things happen. A photograph is a memory, a snapshot of someone’s life – you’re capturing a moment in time.

  2. A great image can be a combination of many different things or sometimes it’s the simplicity that creates the beauty. When we look at an image, we naturally follow lines and curves so it’s important to remember this when creating a picture.If your surroundings or background have these features, you can use them to direct attention to the model – alternatively graphic clothing or clever use of light and shade can work to similar effect.
  3. While you certainly can shoot on a smaller budget, the entire process is much smoother with a team behind you and will ultimately give you better results.If you can afford the investment of having a stylist and makeup artist, it definitely pays off, keeping the looks consistent and giving you a more cohesive set of pictures.


  4. With so much to consider when ‘getting it right’, it’s also important to know when to break a few rules.Get your safe shots in the bag, then go for it! Don’t be afraid to experiment with new ideas – often this is when the magic happens, and your creativity can hit new heights.

So, what are you waiting for, go give it your best shot!


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