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Five Ways to Create a Healthy Aura in the Workplace

January 18, 2023

Danielle Garner, The Intuitive Hairdresser, offers unique advice on how to identify your own energy and trust your intuition on the salon floor. 

Know your own core values…

When we learn to listen to our mind and the vibrations of our body, we begin to tap into our core values. These are the deeper characteristics and attitudes that connect you with others. Some of my core values are: 

  • Vulnerability 
  • Authenticity
  • Open-heartedness
  • Optimism
  • Connectivity
  • Purpose 
  • Creativity 

I intuitively recognise if a person, space, or opportunity connects with my values – this is how I have built my business. 

Employ people that connect with your values

This does not mean only employ people with the same values as you, but to consider people who sit within similar fields. Whilst it’s good to have different personalities and values on the same team, this can sometimes create a negative clash; for example, someone who is aggressively career-focused isn’t best suited to a team that prioritises balance and flexibility. When interviewing for team members, I am more interested in the connection I have with the person than their actual ability. Remember, technique can be taught. 

Empower the team to protect their own energies 

My team choose their clients based on intuition and energy. We currently have a six-month waiting list, operating at 98% capacity with a 90% client rebooking rate. Being true to ourselves allows us to attract like-minded clients. If the connection is not there, then it’s not worth anyone’s investment. 

Protecting the energy in the workplace starts with the consultation process:

Step 1: The potential client completes an in-depth form on our website.

Step 2: A front-of-house team member allocates the stylist they feel best suited – not merely the first one available – and books a consultation.

Step 3: During the consultation, if the stylist and potential client are an energic match, the stylist has autonomy to start a relationship. 

Step 4: The new client either: a) books the first three appointments and pays a 50% deposit, or b) purchases the products recommended by the stylist and returns six weeks later for a second colour consultation to evaluate whether the condition is now workable.

Protect your values 

There are numerous ways the day can drain your energy. At Wildflower, we have various rituals that help protect the energy of the team and our clients. These include: 

  1. Setting intentions. Each day, as a team, we set out our intentions to create a space that provides warmth and togetherness for each other and our clients. 
  2. Clients can choose a minimal, silent or relaxed appointment whereby a meditation is prescribed, and a ceremonial cacao or herbal tea offered. 
  3. Mindful Mondays. On Mondays, we take 15 minutes to be present and grateful for all that we have, before visualising how our week is going to go. 

Stand up for these values 

Core values can be threatened. For example: a large manufacturer might offer you a life-changing amount of money, but you know the products are unethical or bad for the environment; or perhaps an award-winning stylist applies for a position, but when you meet there is no real connection. In order to remain true to yourself, you must: 

  • Remind yourself of your values.
  • Turn down the money.
  • Listen to your intuition. 
  • Be true to yourself. 
  • Sleep peacefully. 
  • Change the system. 

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