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Filtered Finish – the new service your clients will love!

August 18, 2020

Adding a filter on social media can make your hair pop with colour or shine like glass – but now there’s a service that means your client’s hair will look Insta ready in real life!

Brooks & Brooks in central London have introduced the Filtered Finish – a new glazing service that will add shimmer to locks just like a lip gloss would, but for the hair.

“The Filtered Finish is for everyone,” explains education director Grace Dalgleish. “From virgin hair that’s lacking shine and dimension, to coloured hair that’s feeling faded and brassy. Working on all bases from blonde to brunette and red heads, we tailor the filtered finish to the individual.”

The palette is on trend for 2020 – think neutrals, minimalist nudes and pearlescent tones for a super-soft and delicate effect. “The glazing technique is a great top-up service in between colour appointments to neutralise unwanted warmth and put vitality back into the hair,” Grace adds.

The Brooks & Brooks team apply the glazing service at the backwash onto towel-dried hair, applying from root to tip. “It’s a great add-on service for your colour clients and is a great way to bring them back into the salon in between their colour appointments.”