Festival Hair Trends with Tina Farey

April 20, 2023

With festival season now in full swing, Pro Hair sat down with Editorial Director at Rush Hair, Tina Farey, to get the low down on what will be this year’s biggest festival hair trends and how to achieve these looks in the salon…

  1. Tousled beach waves

Festival season is often a time where clients look to be more experimental and creative with their hair looks, opting for something they may not usually wear to other events or occasions. However, with many festivals lasting more than one day, clients are also looking for styles that will last the full weekend, or that can be easily adapted to create new styles.

Tousled beach waves are a classic festival hair look and are perfect for the first day when hair is freshly washed and styled. The hair can be tousled with a thin curling barrel to create ‘s’ shaped waves and then combed through to break up the waves for softness. The hair can then be spritzed with a texturising spray or a hairspray to provide volume and hold.

One of my favourite products to use when finishing this look is the Goldwell Stylesign Creative Texture Texturising Mineral Spray, which gives texture, definition, hold and shine – it smells gorgeous too!

For day two, clients can simply take half of their hair off the face and style into a bun/topknot to create a half up half down style, whilst also disguising any oiliness at the roots.

Festival Hair Trends with Tina Farey 4


  1. Intricate braiding

As braiding is THE festival hair look, it is a style that comes back on trend year after year. However, instead of thick, full French and Dutch braids, this year we will see more intricate braiding with clients coming into the salon to have their braids incorporated into their parting to instantly give their hairstyle added edge.

When creating this look in the salon I love to apply a cream like KMS Moist Repair Revival Creme before creating my braids for more manageability and shine.

After I have created the parting braid, I love to pair this with an updo – such as a high or low pony – for a further fun and playful finish. Spritzing some salt spray like KMS Hairplay Sea Salt Spray through the ponytail is also a great way to add volume and enhance the hair’s natural texture.

Festival Hair Trends with Tina Farey 5

  1. Colour flashes

Festivals are a great time for clients to add some colour to their look with wash in wash out and semi-permanent colour.

Whilst pastels are often a popular festival hair colour trend, for 2023 we will instead see a lot more ‘galaxy like’ colours becoming popular. Blues will be one of the dominant colour trends this year, followed by purples, greens and pinks.

By adding colour to their look, clients can simply let this do the talking without any need for styling! However, these tones also look beautiful when paired with sleek styles where the colour can truly shine, as well as updos like space buns and braiding where the pops of colour can glimmer through to create an almost ‘peekaboo’ colour effect.

The Goldwell Dualsenses Color Brilliance Serum Spray is a must have product for adding further shine to the hair and enhancing hair colour.

Festival Hair Trends with Tina Farey 6

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