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Fellowship launches The Knowledge

October 03, 2019

The Fellowship for British Hairdressing has launched an innovative new online education platform; The Knowledge.

Education is at the heart of Fellowship for British Hairdressing. With opportunities for masterclasses, mentor teams and inspiring shows from members, there are plenty of ways to stay on top of hairdressing trends and techniques within the Fellowship. And now, the Fellowship is branching out in education with an exciting new launch; The Knowledge.

The Knowledge is accessible and free to all Fellowship members, and boasts a library of educational and inspirational content from some of the industry’s leading names – with lots more to come. The launch of The Knowledge has been spearheaded by Digital Project Leader and former Fellowship Chariperson, Jo Martin and produced with Clive Silver from CS Media.

Now, education isn’t restricted to live shows and set dates in specific places; you can learn from the hairdressers you love on your own time, at your own pace – be that in the salon with the whole team, in your downtime, or before a competition or show when you need a boost of inspiration.

With three categories of content – Inspiration, Education and Innovation – there’s something for every Fellowship member, and new content will be added weekly. Within Inspiration, you can find exciting mini documentaries covering the exciting and diverse world of hairdressing; from BTS shoot access to what it takes to put together a stage show. In Education, it’s all about getting hands-on and learning techniques, tips and tricks to create looks from some of our most iconic members. Finally, Innovation features insightful interviews with industry game-changers, explaining how to make it in all aspects of the industry.

“We know that hairdressers are passionate about education,” says Fellowship President Ken Picton, “But we also recognise that time, money and location can get in the way of access to training. With The Knowledge, we are providing education from world-class hairdressers in a way that’s accessible no matter where you are in the world, and is ready to stream whenever you want to watch it. There are no time or date restrictions on this education; all that you need is a Fellowship membership to log in and view at all. This is the way that education needs to go, and we’re proud to be bringing it to a wider audience in an accessible way.”

Hairdressing education has moved on, and so has the Fellowship – visit www.fellowshiphair.com to tune in to The Knowledge, or to sign up and become a member.