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FAQ | With business costs rising, what could I be doing to protect my profit?

August 10, 2022

Hopefully, as a salon owner, you have tackled the obvious – raising prices, cutting costs, protecting future optimisation by focusing on rebooking, etc. 

So, let’s look at making the most of the opportunity which exists for every salon and stylist. Selling home care. 

Did I just say the ‘S’ word out loud? Yes, I did – tough times call for strong and decisive action – everyone needs shampoo, why wouldn’t your client buy it from you? This is a crucial question that I hope you spend a little time pondering – getting over objections is a profitable thing to do. If the revenue from your services is sufficient to cover the overheads, the profit from retail drops straight to your bottom line. 

So, let’s tackle some objections.

Objection; My client can buy cheaper elsewhere

If your client is choosing to buy products in the supermarket, you should educate to the benefits of good home care. If half of your clients took your recommendation, what would that mean to the profitability of your business? An important mindset for ‘sales’ is getting comfortable with rejection. 50% of your clients buying product from you is a great triumph, and it would mean 50% of the time you would be getting a ‘no’!

Objection; My client buys online

If your client is purchasing your recommendation online and your business is not benefitting from the profit, you should reconsider your retail strategy. Choose a product line exclusive to salons and ensure the most convenient and easily accessed route to purchase and REPURCHASE is through you. Partner with a brand that is supporting your business. is an online retail shop offering Malibu C, Eufora, and HH Simonsen exclusively to consumers and the profit from sales goes straight back to salons and the hairdressing industry. 

Objection; My stylists are not great sales people

Encourage stylists to focus on a six-week experience with their client, not just the limited time she spends in the chair. A discussion about maintenance for the six weeks post appointment will include advice and recommendations. Helping a client to understand achieving her goals for her hair is 60% of what we do in the salon and 40% of what they do at home leads toward retail purchases. Add to stylist dialogue clear information on the features and benefits of the product, what makes the product unique along with the alignment of values for all stakeholders and your clients’ desire to buy is ignited.

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