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FAQ with Salon Tracker

February 17, 2022

Software company Salon Tracker answers its most commonly asked questions, including revenue, reducing no shows, and customer benefits.

What is salon management software?

  • Salon management software is an efficient time-saving tool that allows you to manage your salon all in one place. Combining your calendar, client information, stock management as well as many other features, salon management software can be completely tailored to suit your salon’s needs and ease the day-to-day flow of the business.Using a software as an alternative to a standard paper diary is beneficial as it reduces human error and allows a seamless transaction between the customer and the salon. From the initial booking process, which can be done either in the salon or online, to the booking reminders and to taking client payments; everything is combined in one place.

Does salon software reduce no shows?

  • Salon software enables you to automatically send booking reminders to customers a few days before their appointment date, so that they are once again alerted about their upcoming appointment. Using this method of prompting the customers has significantly reduced no shows, as it refreshes their memory nearer to the appointment date, as customers typically book in advance.Therefore, if they are unable to make their appointment, they are able to give advance warning and salons’ can refill their bookings. Also, deposits are able to be taken within salon software. Having deposits in place reduces no shows as it means customers are partially paying for their treatments in advance. Once the customer then attends their appointment, the software will have a record of their previously paid deposit and will deduct this from the total cost.

Is salon software worth it from a revenue standpoint?

  • Lots of salon software services have marketing and promotional suites built in, with many having reporting tools available, to help identify which services are performing the best and which may need a little more promoting. For example, the owners may want to do a campaign perhaps offering a small promotion on less performing services/products, in an aim to boost the sales of those.Whilst on the other side of this, for services that are being booked/purchased regularly, salon owners can use the marketing tools to send messages to regular clients, to remind them to re-book in for their preferred treatment. Lots of advertising can be done through SMS and email marketing suites too, which is a great way for businesses to advertise and communicate with their clients.

How do text reminders work?

  • Text reminders are a feature within salon software that will provide an alert to customers about the upcoming booking. When a customer registers at the salon, if they provide their mobile number and consent to receiving SMS messages, they will be eligible to receive text reminders.Once their appointment is booked in to the calendar, they will receive a text message, typically two days before their appointment date, to tell them the date and time of their upcoming booking. 

How is salon software beneficial to customers?

  • With technology advancing so much over the last few years and also with a lot of businesses currently requiring bookings rather than walk-in appointments, online booking systems provide a seamless solution for clients to be able to book appointments, with ease, from their smartphones or tablets.The great thing about this is, it allows clients to make bookings when on the move, improving the convenience for the client. But not only that, online booking systems also improve the management and efficiency for the salon staff too, as this will speed up the reception process with there no longer being as many phone call appointments, or the need for a paper appointment diary. Therefore, when customers come in for their appointment, staff no longer have to break away as often to book other clients in.