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FAQ | Everything you need to know about Metal Detox

June 09, 2022

Metal Detox could make your clients fall back in love with hair colouring – here’s everything you need to know

Whether your clients are salon regulars or flirting with the idea of a new shade, L’Oréal Professionnel developed an innovative treatment to protect their hair when getting a colour treatment in your salon.

What is Metal Detox?

Co-developed with professional hair experts and scientists, the L’Oréal Professionnel Metal Detox treatment is an award-winning, innovative and patented formula designed to protect colour-treated hair. The formula works to help prevent hair breakage and neutralise water-induced excess copper deposits that can affect the colour’s vibrancy.

What effect do metals have on the hair?

After 7 years of research, L’Oréal Professionnel found that excess metal (copper) inside the hair fibre may pose a risk during technical services. During a technical process of colour, balayage or bleach, excess copper present inside the fibre can interferes and interacts with an oxidant. This can cause damage to the fibre and can lead to unreliable colour results.

How does metal end up in the hair? 

Wash after wash metal particles can accumulate in hair through various water sources, for example, when we shower. This occurs due to pipe erosion. You can have the cleanest water supply or reservoir but it’s the pipeline transporting the water that can lead to copper presence.

How much time does Metal Detox add to the technical service?

Thanks to the quick-dry formulation, this treatment is sprayed onto the hair before colour, balayage and bleach services. It dries very quickly, allowing you to prepare the colour and tools required ready to begin the application in the usual manner whilst it air dries on the hair 

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FAQ | Everything you need to know about Metal Detox 1