Fall Steam Ahead! | Autumn Haircare Tips with Neil Moodie

October 06, 2023

With Autumn very much upon us, it’s crucial to consider the unwanted hair stressors cropping up as a result of the cooler weather. We spoke to top editorial stylist, Neil Moodie, to learn his tips, tricks and product recommendations to ensure your client’s hair remains looking its best throughout the cooler months.

Trim Time

Summer sun can take its toll on the hair, with ends left feeling dry, frazzled and brittle after being exposed to harsh UV rays and chlorine. Encourage clients to invest and treat themselves to a freshly cut look to get rid of any unwanted split ends. They may even fancy more of a dramatic restyle to start off the new season with a fresh look.

Moisture Moments

Just like our skin, hair requires moisture to remain hydrated, shiny and soft. With this is mind, it’s crucial to recharge sundried hair with extra moisture and a rejuvenating boost. Now is the time to encourage clients to purchase a nourishing, rich conditioner and mask treatment to restore the hair to its ultra-shiny best. I would personally recommend the Pureology Hydrate range, it’s intensely hydrating and perfect for dry, colour-treated hair

Battle the Frizz

With a combination of central heating, blow-drying and woolly jumpers, hair will be fighting a constant battle with static and frizz, in turn refusing to cooperate with any styling efforts. Besides targeting hydration, fighting frizz also requires good quality styling products that are formulated specifically for the job. Oway’s Smoothing Cream  Smoothing Fluid and Overnight No Rinse Serum work brilliantly to hydrate, repair and nourish the hair without weighing it down – it also has a great Anti Frizz Shampoo.

As I recommend all year round, a silk pillow is great for reducing static and causing less friction damage when sleeping.

The Scalp

Due to the lack of moisture in the cooler months, the scalp produces a smaller amount of sebum, which can result in an itchy, irritated and dry scalp. Scalp treatments and a scalp brush are perfect for healing these damaging seasonal effects as they work together to cleanse, hydrate and repair. Through enhancing blood circulation in the head and neck area, scalp massages can strengthen existing hair and promote new hair growth.

Autumn Hair Loss

On average, we tend to shed between 50 and 120 hairs per day – this is a direct result of our hair growth phases. Approximately 10% of our hair will be in a resting phase – known as Telogen – at any given time. After three months of entering this phase, the hair follicle will fall out of the head.  As we experience slightly higher rates of telogen during the summer months, it is common to therefore see the affected hairs falling out in October to November – this is known as the “autumn shed”.

To support hair growth in the autumn months, I particularly suggest taking vitamins such as Omega 3 and fish oils, as well as consuming high levels of fibre through fruits and vegetables.

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