‘Fall-Proof’ Hair Hacks: Preparing Hair for the Autumn Season

August 31, 2023

With many clients returning from holidays over the coming weeks, sea, sand and chlorine will have played havoc with their hair. Memories of beautiful blondes and gorgeous precision cuts will have been replaced with dryness, split ends and faded colour. We sat down with Matrix Editorial Colour and Trend Ambassador, Zoë Irwin, on how to restore your clients’ hair health for the autumn season.

According to Zoë, caring for hair is the combined responsibility of both hairdresser and client. “Ensuring your client’s hair stays healthy is a two-way partnership, even if most clients have forgotten all about it during the summer months. As the hair expert, you need to think about the longevity of their hair when colouring it, not just how it looks when they leave the salon.”

Zoey offers her top tips for getting hair back into tip-top condition during this change of season:

  1. Ensure your clients are prepping their hair before their colour appointment:

Invite clients into the salon at least a week before their colour appointment to buy a treatment. A glistening blonde is only as good as the canvas you are working on, so if you want longevity and tone, make sure they regularly apply a deep conditioning mask.

  1. Tease them into the new season:

There’s plenty of time to introduce new trends for AW23, so when clients return from holiday, tease a new trend rather than offering a full-on transformation.

  1. Think about skin tone:

Clients will want to hold onto their summer tan for as long as they can, so consider this change in their skin tone. Introduce a few face frames to make the skin look less red or to make the eyes pop. Our job is to ensure the client has the most beautiful blonde, even if it’s not on trend. Looking fantastic will ensure clients think they are on trend, even if they’re not.

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