Fall in hairdryer love with the VARIS IQ from KAO Salon Division

February 10, 2022

This month ProHair is loving the VARIS IQ.

Fall in hairdryer love with the VARIS IQ, part of the brand new VARIS collection from KAO Salon Division, allowing you to achieve flawless results every time it’s in your hands.


You’re going to love the fact that this is the lightest dryer on the professional market at 294g. The breakthrough, featherweight VARIS IQ Blow Dryer was created in collaboration with Gama Professional.

Its technology will work with you. It is powered by an intelligent brushless motor, producing a unique powerful vacuum effect that quietly multiplies air flow.

Be safe in the knowledge that your client’s hair is in good hands. The fully digital interface and temperature sensor ensure the flow of customised air and temperature settings, eliminating overheating to protect hair.

And it’s kind to you! Its ergonomically balanced design means it’s easy to use all day long.

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