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Eleventh Hour Beauty partner with Mettisse Campbell

July 31, 2020

The industry’s revolutionary new booking platform, Eleventh Hour Beauty, has announced a partnership with social star, Mettisse Campbell, who has just launched her debut salon, in her hometown of Birmingham.

Mettisse, winner of ITV 2’s Survival of the Fittest, who has been making an impact in the social world for over two years, missed the camaraderie and challenge of her beauty therapist roots. So as soon as the government gave the green light she opened the doors to her salon, Sculpt Cosmetics, along with a super talented girl gang, in Halesowen – a one stop shop for every lash, brow, skin, nail and hair treatment.

And with this opening, especially in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, Mettisse knows how important it is to get appointments organised.

With an already saturated market, why Eleventh Hour Beauty? Mettisse says, “I’ve spent so much time designing and perfecting my salon brand and I wanted a booking system that would fit. Eleventh Hour Beauty does this perfectly. It’s sleek, fresh and on brand – not to mention it’s a smooth booking system that allows my self-employed team to manage their own appointments but under the salon banner. New booking enquiries come via Eleventh Hour Beauty and this ensures that my brand is always promoted.”

Abigail Fletcher, founder/owner of Eleventh Hour Beauty, says, “We absolutely love Mettisse’s energy and her business savvy approach. We knew instantly this relationship was going to be a great one! Sculpt Cosmetics is a perfect partner for Eleventh Hour Beauty, as Mettisse can integrate appointments from her whole team and manage them under the salon banner but also allow staff to manage these from their own phone/device. As a new salon, we can also support their customer base growth and ensure that their last minute and no-show appointments are matched with people in the area looking for these treatments.”

Prices for Eleventh Hour Beauty start at £9.99 per month for a student with one diary/column up to £49.99 per month for 6-10 diaries/columns. Currently a one month free trial is also available.