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Don’t wait, Hydrate! | Bruno Marc Giamattei

June 15, 2023

For most clients, a good hair day means hair that’s glossy, glowing and breakage-free – and that all starts with hydration.

To ensure our clients see the best results and constantly maintain the healthiest hair possible, it is crucial for us to understand the importance of hydrating hair.

Lightweight and hydrating?

Whether it’s the change in the seasons, or a holiday in the sun, dehydration often shows up in the form of dry, dull hair that’s prone to breakage. Whilst you can’t prevent your clients from going on their holidays, take the opportunity to set them up with a pre- and post-holiday maintenance schedule.

Book clients in for some hydration boosting treatments every other week ahead of their holidays – I would also recommend advising a deeply moisturising masque once they’re back, too. For those with fine as well as dry hair, it’s important to find products that offer everything; through maintaining consistency you can ensure the hair receives everything it possibly can.

Next level hydration

When it comes to giving your clients the hair of their dreams, it’s about taking the long view. Don’t just encourage them to invest in the right homecare products, but educate them on the benefits they will reap by providing a moisturising mask treatment in the salon. A salon treatment is all about adding value, so consider offering them some time under a steamer or dryer, this will allow the hair to absorb all the goodness from your professional masques. Personally, I would recommend JOICO’s Hydrasplash Hydrating Gelee Masque – it is sensational and works wonders!

Retail benefits
Anytime a client is booked in, whether it’s for colour or a trim, it is crucial to let them know how important haircare at home is. While they’re waiting for colour to develop or having a head massage at the backwash, take it as an opportunity to enlighten them of your retail offering. It’s not about the hard sell; you’re essentially ensuring their results last even longer in between visits.

Don’t wait, Hydrate! | Bruno Marc Giamattei 1

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Creative direction: Bruno Marc Giamattei

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