Does Your Salon Stand Out…?

September 08, 2023

As the owner of the Roar salon group in Glasgow, Brian Leo McCallum understands that the hairdressing industry is constantly moving. To stand out, he believes in going above and beyond the expected norms. This week, we sat down with Brian to learn his insights on how a unique salon structure can empower both clients and stylists alike.

Awards: ‘I make sure to keep up to date with all of the industry’s big awards, as well as encouraging my team to enter. This way, you not only get your name out there, but you begin to build a trustworthy salon with a high reputation, this will help your salon rise above the rest.’

Roar about it: ‘Pardon the pun, but I always ensure I am actively ‘roaring’ about my salon. What I mean by this is creating content and posting on social media – showing off our skills and services through creative transformations and videos. I believe that being active, engaging and creative on social media is a sure-fire way to stand out from the crowd.’

Sustainability: ‘Our sustainability strategy is in place to ensure we produce the most minimal amount of waste as a salon. From the cups we serve our refreshments in, to the shower heads and towels we use on our clients, choosing eco-friendly options are always top of our list. We only purchase refillable cleaning products and offer refill services on the majority of our retail products too, this in turn also encourages our guests to act more sustainably. I believe our green ethos helps us to stand out as it shows our true dedication for the environment – it also attracts guests who want to be more environmentally friendly too!’

Diverse colour menu: ‘I believe our colour menu truly sets us apart. We offer an extensive range of vibrant colours that provide guests with the opportunity to express their personality and creativity through their hair. From bold and brights to soft pastels and everything in between, my team of stylists are well experienced in creating truly customised colour transformations that leave our guests feeling beautiful. Plus, we have a customised colour menu on our website for guests to browse before coming to the salon – from our California Balayage, Mediterranean Mocha and Elumenation, we’ve got it all!’

Gender neutral pricing: ‘At Roar, we believe that fairness and equality should extend to every aspect of our salon, including our pricing. Our gender-neutral pricing reinforces our commitment to inclusivity. Across all of our offerings, guests are charged based on the service they receive, rather than their gender identity. By getting rid of the gender-based pricing structure, we ensure that all of our guests feel respected and valued.’

LGBTQ+ owned: ‘As an LGBTQ+ owned business, I take pride in being a leader within the community. By showcasing that LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs can succeed, I want to act as a role model for aspiring business owners within the LGBTQ+ and local community. We are also committed to promoting visibility and supporting the community throughout the entire year – at Roar, Pride is every day of the year, not just one.’

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