Denman seeks a sustainable future!

January 26, 2022

As a global company Denman is a big brand with a long history and an international reach but it’s also a privately owned family company that thinks deeply about its role as an employer, supplier and innovator – as such, sustainability has been high on the agenda for over half a decade.

Denman International Chairman John Rainey MBE says “Denman has committed to a reduce, reuse, recycle plan for years and we work to continuously improve our processes and products. Sustainability is a journey, it isn’t a destination. The work we have done so far is making a significant and positive impact on our footprint and our innovative manufacturing processes. It’s rewarding in so many ways, not least because we know that our small wins can be a win for our staff, our suppliers, our customers and the planet!”

Denman staff are all focused on seeing the ways in which they can reduce waste and energy consumption, reuse materials and recycle. Most recently, Denman’s parent company, Denroy Plastics Ltd, has teamed up with Ulster University and its European partner to explore ways in which PPE waste can be transformed into manufacturing grade plastics.

Covid-19 and the PPE necessary to stop transmission has created a significant waste problem. Around 53 million single-use face masks were being used in the UK each day* at the height of the 2021 pandemic peak and finding a way of turning an environmental burden into a manufacturing resource is top of the agenda.

Denman already manufactures and then collects the used FFP3 masks worn in healthcare and is working with partners and recycling companies to sterilise and grind down the common blue PPE masks.

Prototypes of the Denman Clipper Comb and Scalp Brush are currently in testing with Denman Ambassadors and there are further products planned. “As a company we no longer produce single use plastics and we work with fantastic organisations including Plastic Bank which collects, processes and resells manufacturing plastics globally. Denman has found incredible partners for purchasing recycled raw materials and packaging and they are now an intrinsic part of our sustainability efforts,” says John Rainey MBE.

Here are the current ways in which Denman are demonstrating their commitment to a sustainable future:

  • Denman has removed all single use plastics from packaging and packaging is 100% sustainable and recycleable. The amount of packaging has also been reduced. 
  • The Iconic Brush range is 100% recycleable, which means that at the end of its life, you can just pop it in your recycling bin. 
  • Denman offers replacement pin pads for the Iconic Range to lengthen the life of the brush. 
  • Denman is recycling used PPE into brushes and combs.
  • All plastic waste in the manufacturing process is ground and recycled.

To find out more about Denman’s policies on waste and plastics, go to https://denmanbrush.com/pages/csr

*source tradewaste.co.uk