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Creative Muses: Food, Flavour and Fragrance

March 16, 2023

Believe it or not, colour inspiration can come from anywhere; nature, fashion, celebrities, art and…. food?

Colourist and Matrix Artist Ambassador, Michelle Summers Davies, says some of her favourite foods have been the perfect inspiration for her colour creations. “Food, flavour and fragrance stirs our emotions; the vibrancy of vegetables and the warmth of spices are perfect for giving us inspiration when it comes to hair colour.” 

Michelle shares some of her gastronomic muses that she’ll be using in 2023:

Creative Muses: Food, Flavour and Fragrance 1
Sweet Warmth: 

The joy and warmth that chocolate brings inspired me to add some darker highlights to brunette hair. This gives a more blended look that appears almost natural. This cocoa brown shade is perfect for adding depth to an old, warm balayage.

Creative Muses: Food, Flavour and Fragrance 2

Rum Punch: 

Sometimes aromas can be as emotive as colour when it comes to creating stunning results. Spice Hunter is the spiciest rum in the world; the drink is amber in colour, with a burst of spices on the nose. Rich and intense notes of ground ginger, nutmeg with mellow oak and vanilla from the well-aged rum make a perfect combo for a beautiful copper balayage.

Creative Muses: Food, Flavour and Fragrance 3

Spice-infused Balayage:

This sizzling trend is inspired by the spicy, cinnamon-infused drinks we all reach for when the weather gets chilly. A mix of copper, auburn and ginger hues is the best way to go for wintery warmth and can create the appearance of natural highlights.

Creative Muses: Food, Flavour and Fragrance 4

Deep Red: 

Sometimes I love to replace warm undertones with cooler shades – deep red, wine inspired hues are a popular way to go a little bolder.

Creative Muses: Food, Flavour and Fragrance 5

Ice Cream Topping:

I get inspiration from the strangest places. The inspiration for this colour recipe was a random image I found online of vanilla ice cream topped with honeycomb pieces. This look combines highlights, ombre, balayage and full tint. Shades range from the lightest of blondes to the warmest caramel and cool-toned honey hues.