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Cost Cutting Initiatives to Help Plan for Jan

November 21, 2022

With the ‘cost of living crisis’ we’re currently experiencing, we asked the industry for their cost-cutting initiatives and how to get set for a successful new year…

“With energy prices rising, I’m doing my best to educate the team on CUTTING DOWN ON THEIR ELECTRICITY USE. We’re a sustainable salon but how can we cut this down even further? It’s about educating the team so that they think about the little things like turning the plug sockets off when they’re not in use, turning lights off after themselves etc. which we’re all guilty of not doing, but I believe that these small changes will really help us in the current situation that we’re in.”
-Brooke Evans, Owner, BE Ironbridge

“As a salon owner my employees are the backbone of my salon. I’ve always tried to make sure that I look after my team and help in any way. I want to promote a healthy work/life balance so I have changed our booking system, so that we only do one client at a time. This time is for my team to recharge in between clients and to have the breaks at a reasonable time. We will also be introducing a financial well-being policy. For this I want to help my employees with financial well-being strategies and refer them to independent money and debt guidance organisations and to make them aware of what benefits we currently offer and to encourage them to have conversations with us if they have any money worries at work.”
-Krysia West, Owner, Perfectly Posh Hair

COLOUR WASTE IS A HUGE HIDDEN COST, I work out exactly what I need for each service and I don’t deviate unless truly needed. I use Ecoheads Ping, which helps create a more creamy and full consistency and my colour can go further. I also use the Ecoheads showerhead at my backwash which can reduce water usage by up to 65% while giving double the pressure and cleaner water to rinse my clients hair.” -Lisa Carter, West Sussex Hairdresser and Hairdresser’s Social Club A-Lister

“As a salon, we are being pro-active – not by raising our prices, but by offering our guests the option of “BOOKINGS ON A BUDGET”. These are micro, top-up services that take up less appointment time, and that use much less colour or product. These are offered to clients at a discounted rate, within a certain time frame since their previous appointment. The idea behind this is not only to save our guests money at the time of their appointment, but logistically clients will actually visit the salon more frequently.”-Sara Mann, Vivid Hair and Colour Correction Specialist and Hairdresser’s Social Club A-Lister

“Mental welfare is something of great importance to us at Royal Exchange Square. We hold regular one to ones with the team to ensure they are always happy at work, give the team flexibility and always have the door open should they need to talk. We also have regular nights out and breakfast meetings to allow the team to have fun together and unwind outside of work hours.”
-David Nicolson, Director, Rainbow Room International, Royal Exchange Square

“The cost of living has a huge impact on everyone – salons and clients alike. It will definitely be a difficult end of year for many and it is our jobs to make sure clients are looked after and receive the best services possible when they visit our salons. We have SMALLER COLOUR SERVICES which allow clients to have colour in a much shorter time and this lessens the cost. Having colour applied to the t-section only is much quicker than a full head and the cost is less. Likewise our glossing services are a great way to maintain colour between appointments and have been a great service for clients for are extending time between colour applications.” -Seung ki Baek, RUSH Hair

“As a team, we are using the quieter months such as February and March for TRAINING DAYS AND EDUCATION, so we can continue offering the highest standard of skill to our guests. Going forward in to the new year, we intend to INTRODUCE A 4-DAY WORKING WEEK, which means we can extend our salon hours, opening up more availability and flexibility for clients, potential to grow our team, & most importantly to look after our team’s health & wellbeing.”
-Sara Mann, Vivid Hair and Colour Correction Specialist and Hairdresser’s Social Club A-Lister

“Another way in which I am dealing with the cost of living crisis is by retailing cost effective products for purchase. I am very open with my clients and only stock brands I truly believe in and work with myself. I work with the brands to bring my clients the very best in offers, meaning they are receiving the best value for money at every given opportunity. If I know there is an offer coming, I communicate this with them – I am very open and want to help them in any way that I can.” -Darrel Starkey Taylor’s Hair Studio

“My plan for next year and for January is to TAKE SOME TIME OFF AND RELAX, unwind and recharge. Not having a holiday this year has had an impact on me mentally. We all need that time to reset and refocus and I definitely need some cut off time and I think January will be my window to do so.” –Claire Martin, CL Hair

“We are very careful and MANAGE OUR ELECTRICITY USE by ensuring all plugs are off when not in use, lights and heating are off in areas we don’t use (meeting room unless used, upstairs area etc). We have changed all lightbulbs to energy saving bulbs, maintaining the level of light but helping bring down the costs as well as chatting to utility companies to get the best deal on our services. We submitted meter readings ahead of the deadline for the price cap and are regularly checking this at the end of each week and submitting again to ensure what we use is what we pay.” -Brian MacMillan, Salon Director, F&M Hairdressing