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Cool Cuts for the Cooler Months | Gill Berry

December 01, 2023

For me, education is hugely important; I believe we should never stop learning and growing through the help of others. With this in mind, I like to share my hair tips and techniques wherever and whenever I can!  This week, I want to discuss all of the new, seasonal haircuts that are cropping up now the cooler months have arrived, as well as the best steps for you to achieve them.


The Italian Bob:

Whilst bobs are a style that I so often include in my education, the Italian Bob is a completely fresh look we can expect to see a lot more of in the next few months.  The cut is less defined than a regular bob, with subtle layering and frayed tips helping to create the signature Italian Bob look. My top tip for this cut is to focus on the movement of the hair, this is what will take it to the next level.

I would start by using a razor on the ends of the hair, followed by thinning scissors to intensify the natural hair texture. During this process, you want the length of the cut to hit chin level. The fringe, however, is left for you to add your own creative flare. Leaving this cut to air dry adds the most wonderful texture which can be enhanced by using the JOICO Zero Heat product. Applied to wet hair, this styling crème gives a ‘lived-in look’, creating the perfect styling aid.

Cool Cuts for the Cooler Months | Gill Berry

Wolf Cut:

The next cut I’m going to talk about is the Wolf Cut – one of my personal favourites. This timeless cut is going to be everywhere in the next few months, and I can definitely see why! This cut is a low-maintenance look for your clients that is also very versatile.

My top tip to achieving this look is to add some disconnected layers to help create more depth and volume on finer hair. This will also help to prevent losing the density in the length in order to achieve that full-bodied Wolf Cut we all know and love. To finish off this look, I would recommend using two pumps of the JOIFULL Volumizing Styler, evenly distributing the product throughout the hair before blow-drying to achieve maximum volume.

Cool Cuts for the Cooler Months | Gill Berry 1

Butterfly Bangs:

Finally, Butterfly Bangs are another style growing increasingly popular. The cut is characterised by the soft, light bangs, swept delicately to both sides of the face to look like butterfly wings. To me, this cut creates a picture of effortless beauty.

To achieve these bangs, you need to look closely at your clients face in order to tailor the cut to their bone structure. The next important step involves delicately placing the hair with deliberate movement, allowing you to achieve that flowing butterfly look.

Cool Cuts for the Cooler Months | Gill Berry 3

These three cuts are sure to be trending this season, so be prepared to have a lot of requests in the salon – with my top tips, I hope you feel more confident in taking them to the next level. Each cut has its own unique characteristics and techniques, so be sure to have fun, experiment and show off your own creative flare!

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