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Cowboy Copper | COLOUR MEMO

December 14, 2023

Come Outside…Colour memo

’Our model began as a natural base 7 with auburn tones running through it. As the model already had a subtle face frame in place, we chose to match our human hair clip-ins to the ends of her natural hair where the connection point is. I’d describe the overall colour as a fiery copper with a warm, soft blonde running through it to create a gentle, elegant face frame. To achieve this result, we blended two of our most popular autumnal shades, Umber & Caramel Deluxe.’

LET THERE BE LIGHTColour memo 1ASP Expert Haircare extends its SystemBlonde range with the Charcoal BleachPowder Lightener.Created for up to 10levels of lift, the unique charcoal formulation purifies the hair whilst neutralising yellow and orange tones for the brightest blonde results.Simply mix with ASP CrèmeDeveloper for incredible lifting power, maximum control and superior condition. Find out more…

Not Quite a Cowboy?Colour memo 2

‘Whilst ‘Cowboy Copper’ is very popular at the moment, the colour trend often makes it difficult to revert blonde clients back to their original shade. I recommend experimenting with apricot and strawberry blonde toners first, these will add richness to tired blonde hair without having to make clients fully commit to the whole transition.’

HIT ME WITH YOUR BEST SHOT!Colour memo 4Ideal for backbar use, the new 118ml Vital shot bottle from Keratin Complex uses a convenient dispensing system that allows for precise measurement with just one to two pumps. A simple add-on for all colouring and lightening processes, Vital shot is a one-step bond rebuilder that strengthens hair from the inside out to help reverse long-term damage. Find out more…

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