Client Colour: Get the Autumn Look

October 27, 2021

Matrix Hair Artist: John Anthoney
Hair Pattern: Straight (2A)
Base level: 4

John wanted to add a warmth and vibrancy to his client’s hair. Using a crescent sectioning pattern and autumnal copper shades, her hair is brightened and enhanced.  


A: 20 parts 7CG with 20 parts 10 Vol Matrix Developer

B: 20 parts 6RC+ and 5 parts 6RV+ with 25 parts 10 Vol Matrix Developer 

C: 40 parts 10G and 1 part 7CC+ with 41 parts 10 Vol Matrix Developer 

Top Tip: If your client has over 50% grey, try using SoColor Extra Coverage creative palette with 20 Vol Matrix Developer as a root touch up service.

Steps to get the look

1 Begin by sectioning a crescent shape on each side of the head, just above the partial ridge.

2 Section another crescent section just above each ear. 

3 Create your third crescent section close to the hairline, pointing away from the temple.

4 Use a freehand ribboning technique to create pops of colour using formula A and B alternately.

5 Refresh the mid-lengths and ends with formula C for 20 minutes. 

6 Styling: To keep her hair feeling in great condition and to shield against heat damage, Miracle Creator 20 was applied to damp hair before blow drying.

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