Collinge & Co: A New Name for a New Era

March 22, 2023

The long-standing Liverpool and North-West salon group, Andrew Collinge, has unveiled a trio of changes designed to make a company with a proud past very much fit for the future.

Now known as Collinge & Co, the new name celebrates a new identity, specifically recognising the teams who maintain and enhance the company’s reputation for first class hairdressing, customer care and training, as well as all the clients who make the business possible.

The genesis of Collinge & Co dates back to 1940 when Wilfred and Molly Collinge opened a hairdressing salon and barbers, Collinge’s, in Liverpool’s West Derby.In 1985, the family business grew when Andrew and Liz Collinge opened their own salon in the Wirral. Having trained at the prestigious London hairdressers Michaeljohn, Andrew would go on to be twice named British Hairdresser of the Year, while Liz was a leading make-up artist. Together they became familiar faces on ITV’s This Morning, broadcasting from Liverpool’s Albert Dock and giving lucky viewers great makeovers on a weekly basis. As Andrew’s profile grew in the 1990s, the salons were renamed Andrew Collinge.

Collinge & Co: A New Name for a New Era 2

The company today is now managed by Andrew & Liz’s son, Charlie.

Charlie states: “We’re really excited to start this new chapter as Collinge & Co. We’ve always recognised the important contributions our employees have made to the company and the time feels right for them to also be represented within an inclusive name.”

As part of the rebrand, the company’s flagship salon on Castle Street has undergone a complete and exciting revamp. Andrew says, “The new Collinge & Co flagship salon is a great success in achieving everything we stand for. The decor is warm and inviting, it includes two private salons and, with its use of technology, it’s very much a salon of our time.”

The future also means digital, and Collinge & Co has enhanced its online offer in order to seamlessly interact with customers. Charlie Collinge says, “We have recently invested in platforms to allow our clients more choice than ever in communicating with us, whether it is over the phone, through social media, via SMS or making appointments online.”

Collinge & Co: A New Name for a New Era 1

A final word on the dawn of this new era from Andrew, “I’m delighted with the changes we are making. With the excellent teams we have, under the direction of Charlie, Collinge & Co has a very bright future”.