Chop Chop Camden | VISIT

August 24, 2023

Introducing the fourth salon from Chop Chop founder, Kaye Sotomi. His goal is simple: To deliver an exceptional, efficient and inclusive service that respects the planet by minimising waste. No gender, no texture, just hair.

How did you decide on the style of your salon interior?

The style of the salon was brought together with sustainability, practicality and style in mind. We wanted to use recycled materials whilst still maintaining a premium and sexy aesthetic, as well as ensuring the space was somewhere clients could feel comfortable and relaxed.

Where did you find the inspiration for your design?

Meticulously designed with minimalism in mind, the inspiration behind Chop Chop Camden was true to our sustainable ethos and consistent brand identity –but we didn’t stop there. We’ve taken our digital approach to new heights through introducing self-servicing kiosks that allow customers to explore, book, and check-in for services independently.

Did you use an interior designer?

Yes. To help us maximise the space, we used First Sukpaiboon fromSpacelab, an exploratory architectural design company. Describe the vibe created by your interior. Cool, sexy, comfortable and intimate.As a smaller salon, it was really important to get the ambiance right– making sure it felt intimate instead of cramped. All of the interior choices were based around space utilisation and comfort, whilst the brand colours keep it feeling premium and classy.

Chop Chop Camden | VISIT

What do you hope are your clients’ first impressions when they walk in?

Since Camden has been on our radar for quite some time, we hope the client’s first thought is that the location is a perfect match for our audacious spirit. When they step into Chop Chop Camden Lock Market, we hope clients see our seamless blend into the lock’s timeless aesthetic, whilst still standing out in all our edgy glory. We want our clients to feel a harmonious fusion of history and innovation.Tell us what are the key elements of your salon design? The key elements of Chop Chop Camden’s design are centred around space utilisation.With 3 units, an adaptable backwash chair and an open-plan colour area, kitchen and salon in one unit, it’s a salon like no other.Traditional Chop Chop green on one wall, complemented by Natural Mineral lime paint on the other ensures you have no doubt you’re in Chop Chop. Meanwhile, a playlist that helps to combine modern coolness with the expert skillset of the team creates a space that fits perfectly with Camden Lock’s edgy aesthetic.

How have you embraced sustainability within the design?

Sustainability is at the heart of our design and our purpose. It comes through in various focal points within the salon and our services –from recycled breathable cork flooring to recycled plastic worktops and wooden frames on the mirrors.Natural lime paint on the walls and LED lighting – as well as our offering of dry cuts to reduce water wastage– all help Chop Chop to maintain its sustainable DNA.

What salon software do you use and what feature of it do you find most useful?

Zenotti – we use their software across all of our salons. In particular for this occasion, its most useful feature is that it supports our digitalisation with the ability to allow customers to book online or via the digital screen outside. It also allows customers to check themselves in on arrival, meaning they are in complete control of their appointment from start to finish.

Did your product brand/colour house influence your style of interior design?

Absolutely! The Chop Chop green is featured throughout the salon on the interior walls, it’s a staple part of being able to identify the brand and feel at home in any of our salons.

Chop Chop Camden | VISIT 1

What salon furniture have you chosen and why?

We chose Maletti in the salon for two reasons: one, its a brand we trust for providing client comfort and two, it works the best in terms of not being too bulky and maximising the space, this was crucial for us.

Do you have a dress code/uniform for your team?

No, we encourage a smart casual style but allow the team to dress freely and be themselves, it’s important to show off their individuality and style.

Chop Chop Camden | VISIT 2

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