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Check out This Unbelievable Hair Transformation!

April 19, 2024


  • Mewies & Co, Leicestershire 



  • Dan Mewies
  • Jemma Mewies


Check Out this Unbelievable Hair Transformation!


  • Cut: The client’s hair has a noticeable disconnection between the layers and the baseline. The overly long, heavy layers around the face are also disliked by the client.
  • Colour: The client’s hair has experienced a very poor application of colour with little consideration of hair health. Including harsh tones, heavy pieces of over-processed, brassy blonde slices and strong, unblended banding in areas.


Check Out this Unbelievable Hair Transformation! 1


  • Dan: “When doing a curly cut, it’s so important to educate the client about freehand cutting. It’s becoming a much more popular technique (and rightly so!), but it can still be new to many people. Make sure you explain that this type of cutting is tailored to their curl patterns and how they sit, rather than the traditional straight cutting method. Working together on this will make all the difference – as they say, teamwork makes the dream work!”
  • Jemma: “Ensure you talk through the current colour canvas in depth with client-friendly explanations, allowing them to fully understand what you’re starting with. Explain shades, colour placement, why you’re doing it and how it’s going to fix the problem. It may seem like you are overloading them with information, but it is so much better to do that, than not. Be clear and be concise – bring the client on the journey with you and use your expertise to educate them.”


Check Out this Unbelievable Hair Transformation! 2


1. Dry Cut: Dan

  • I took layers from the baseline to connect to the rest of the layers – this created more revitalised, healthier and bouncier curls, as well as enhancing the overall coil movement.
  • Next, I added layers around the face for face-framing and additional shape.


2. Colour: Jemma

  • For the highlights, I applied Schwarzkopf Pro BLONDME 9+ Lightener and 6% on fine weaves, following the natural fall of the hair. I made sure the lightest sections were pulled out so no more colour was applied to them and blended the lightener through the darker bands – this created a more natural look and feel.
  • For the root, I used IGORA Royal 700 with 765 + 6%. I applied this as a mini root touch up for coverage on the natural regrowth and greys.
  • For the ends, I used IGORA Zero Amm 764 + 2.5% for a gorgeous rich overall colour. Using a zero-ammonia colour helped the overall condition and shine as it is much gentler on the hair.
  • Finally, I used IGORA Vibrance 742 + 1.9% for toning. I took the base right down to 7, softening it out nicely for a super even colour that wasn’t too bright or harsh.


Check Out this Unbelievable Hair Transformation! 3

3. Post-Colour Cut and Style: Dan

  • I applied Authentic Beauty Concept Amplify Mousse and Hydrate Spray Conditioner to towel-dried hair to add some workable control and definition to the curls.
  • I used a Dyson hairdryer and diffuser attachment low and slow to create a natural air-dry style. I tried to use my hands as little as possible to leave the curls to do what they wanted to do naturally.
  • Lastly, I created the final cutting details with my scissors. I made sure there were enough layers and structure, talking through with the client as I went to ensure they were happy with the overall look.


Check Out this Unbelievable Hair Transformation! 4


  • Jemma: “Be sure to let your client know what’s going to happen with their colour over the next few weeks so they are not surprised. In this instance, the toner will wash out eventually and the lightened areas will appear brighter, but this is normal and to be expected. Ensure to prescribe the right aftercare products that will help not only with colour maintenance but with hair health too. For this look, the most important thing is hydration. Although the over-processed sections are fixed colour wise, and already in much better condition, they will still require a lot more moisture and care, so the Authentic Beauty Concept Hydrate Intense Treatment mask is an absolute must!”


Check Out this Unbelievable Hair Transformation! 5