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Charlotte Mensah’s Afro styling advice shared on BBC

January 25, 2019

Charlotte Mensah is one of the UK’s leading Afro and curly hair experts and she’s a passionate advocate of wearing hair naturally and encouraging clients to do so, worrying that hair care techniques for black hair may soon die out.  Charlotte’s passion has been shared on BBC News in an exclusive interview about embracing textured hair.

“I see so many young people wearing wigs,” she says. “And it saddens me because when I was younger, you only wore a wig if you were really old. I don’t understand why I’m not seeing younger people with their natural hair. We need to learn to be happy with what we’re born with.”

In her salon education sessions, Charlotte and her team share techniques, advice and tips to help clients understand how best to take care of their own hair. Armed with the right information, Charlotte hopes that more women will feel more confident to wear their hair naturally, and that her tried-and-tested techniques will continue to be passed on for future generations.

Watch Charlotte’s BBC interview here.