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Carolyn Newman’s ‘Be Your Best’ with Beth Price | Business Memo

June 12, 2024

Over the last year, Pro Hair has been shadowing award-winning colour expert and international educator, Carolyn Newman, through her exclusive mentorship programme – Be Your Best. With an aim of giving back to the industry through supporting the future generation of hairdressers, Carolyn’s latest trainee is Beth Price. As a freelance hairstylist with over 16 years’ experience in the industry, Beth set up her own boutique home salon in June 2021, Beth Price Hair in Cardiff. After winning the Be Your Best competition at the end of last year, Beth recently enjoyed her first session with Carolyn: ‘Curl Power’.

“I had the best day meeting and training with Carolyn! I feel I’ve learnt so much, and I’m so excited to experiment on my clients. I had been wanting to learn curly colouring techniques for a while now, so during the session we covered curl colour blending and curl painting.”

Being self-employed and working alone means I sometimes miss the interaction, advice and support you can get from having other staff members, but this experience with Carolyn reminded me how exciting it is to keep learning and testing yourself with new, evolving services and techniques. Winning this competition has been the best opportunity for me and my business, thank you Carolyn!” – Beth Price

Life, business and wellness coach, Sonia Magnier, is calling for wellness practices to be integrated into salon education. In the same way we value cutting, colouring and styling education, she believes salons and stylists simply can’t run without wellness training.

“The most common issues I see when working with salons are general stress, overwhelmed stylists and physical health challenges. Salons are often fast-paced environments, and dealing with a lot of emotions, energies and personalities can be particularly difficult. Cocktail that with no lunch breaks, late nights and a lack of boundaries, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. Yet these structures seem to be all too common in our salon businesses, with our managers and owners without the tools they need to stop or change it.

I have seen so many talented professionals leaving the industry, or having to reduce their hours, because they simply cannot do it anymore. Learning some practical wellness tools to support yourself mentally and physically could prevent this happening.”

If salon owners and stylists can’t invest in a wellness coach, Sonia recommends implementing these three things: Breathwork: This is a quick and easy way to ground yourself and can be done anywhere, even in a staff kitchen!

Yoga poses: Many people turn their noses up at the term ‘yoga’, but daily stretching can help to save your back and remedy any pain you may already be in.

Meditation to de-stress: Get rid of preconceived notions about what meditation is and focus on the benefits, one of which is to be present.

Adam Thomas, Founder of salon review platform and insights generator, salonspy, is Pro Hair’s new resident Data Dork. This month, Adam shares …

With 97% of consumers now heading to reviews before they make any booking decisions, salon reviews are one of the single most important sales tools to attract both new and existing customers.

Picture this: You’re shopping for a new television and you’ve found three that you like based on the pictures alone. The first has over 700 reviews with an average rating of 4.8-stars, the second has 80 reviews and a 4-star rating and the third has no reviews. Which do you buy? It’s a no-brainer, right?

Here are my tips for maximising your salon’s online reviews:

  • Consistently collect reviews from your everyday clients. This is the secret source for both gaining new customers and retaining your existing ones.
  • Ensure your reviews are topped up regularly. Consumers are only interested in reviews from the last few weeks.
  • Consider your different audiences and where they will search. Some consumers will only look at Google reviews, some will look on listing sites and some will look on your website – make sure you’ve got all bases covered.
  • Regularly share reviews with your team. Reviews will motivate your team like nothing else, and everyone likes to know they’re doing a good job.
  • Make reviews accessible and easy to find. ‘Social proof’is reassurance consumers take from reading about other people having positive experiences.

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