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Caroline Sanderson | Are you… Seeing the opportunity in these tough times?

November 26, 2020

We all face times of challenge throughout our lives, no matter who we are! Look at coronavirus for example, who’d have thought we would be in this situation a year ago? Here Caroline Sanderson, The Salon Jedi, talks us through turning a challenge into a positive.

Things tend to pop up and surprise us when we least expect them, and sometimes we can become overwhelmed with it all.

No matter how low we’re feeling though, there’s always a way to turn things around! One of the key things that can help us do this is choosing our perspective on our situations.

To help you understand what I mean, I’ll break it down for you. Among the many universal laws that we know of today, the Law of Relativity says that everything is neutral, and that there is no meaning to anything in life, it just IS, until we attach meaning onto things ourselves, based on our perspective.

Think about it… nothing is small, tall, fast or slow until we compare said thing to something else.

We have a choice on which perspective we’re going to take within our own lives, salons and situations that we find ourselves in, no matter what the circumstances are. You can either allow your fear to engulf you, or you can look for the positives in a situation; it’s your choice.

In this current global pandemic, you can choose to look at the positives and opportunities; an example of this could be that money has never been easier to get a hold of. When I was nearly bankrupt during the 2009 recession, the government didn’t supply handouts securing wages.

You can acquire loans and grants easier than ever to aid the growth of your business, to educate yourself on courses, to buy equipment, and to give your staff training… the list goes on if you focus enough on the positive perspective!

Plus, there has never before been a time where you could access hundreds of FREE online training courses for your team.

Also clients may not be visiting as often but perhaps they are spending more when they do come?

One of our Salon Jedi clients took the covid opportunity to get off the tools faster than she had planned and now works on her business and not in it. Many also seized the opportunity of getting their systems in place.

You can approach your problems with the perspective of your choice, and you can take a step back and look at them from multiple different angles. If you chose to stay tunnel visioned and only focus on the negative angle, then that’s all you’ll see.

You won’t see the opportunities, the potential for growth, how to support for your salon or team… I could go on!

What we focus on expands – it’s how the brain works. It gives us more of what we focus on as it thinks that’s what we want. Thoughts have energy and energy attracts like energy to it , so the more low vibrational energy thoughts and feelings we send out, the more negative stuff shows up in our loves.

Although some may choose to look at the negative perspective and find it really hard to see the positives, they do exist! People are seeking ways to expand their education; they’re finding ways to fund projects they’d never been able to afford before, because of all the free opportunities being given to help people during covid!

Some are building website with grants; we gave away hundreds of FREE mindset training courses that many salons used to help them through these uncertain times.

Some are using this time to set goals and plan for the future, or even to finish projects they never made time to do; I wrote a book during lockdown which has always been a dream of mine. I wanted to make sure that my time was being used effectively and productively, and now I have a number 1 Amazon bestseller!

Your perspective and your attitude towards the events that are happening in your life are key in determining the future you’re going to have.

I spoke to a salon owner recently, and they’d lost a lot of staff during the pandemic period. She had two choices: the positive outlook, or feeling like there was no hope for her.

She could stress over only having herself and one other stylist, and tell herself that there’s no way of turning things around, or she could look at it as an opportunity to turn things around; a fresh start!

She could seize the opportunity to write recruitment ads that are specific about who she wants to attract to her salon and plan the future of her business that she desires! She can go through her client list and pull out the top A list clients she wants to keep, really focusing on making sure these are booked and stay with the salon so even if she loses clients they’re not her best ones.

We tend to let fear hold us back, but we should never allow it to consume us into thinking the worst! Sure, we all have our doubts from time to time; we’re human, but if we let it take over, we miss out on all of the amazing possibilities and opportunities that await us.

When we are fearful, adrenaline and cortisol hormones flood our bodies, and if we don’t neutralise our fears, this can lead to severe health problems both physically and mentally.

Next time you find yourself having a bit of a meltdown and are overcome with stress (we’ve all been there!) take a step back. Look at your situation with an open mind, and try to find a different perspective you can work with to make something positive come from your situation.

If you look hard enough, you’re going to find an endless amount of opportunities, because since you’re putting your focus on the positive outlook, you’re attracting a positive outcome which will then manifest into your life; it’s then up to you to act on them!

Caroline Sanderson is owner of award-winning salon Ego Hair Design in Inverness and Salon Jedi Marketing; her new book The Salon Jedi: The Big Business Breakthrough For Ambitious Salon Owners is out now on Amazon. Message Caroline at @salonjedi