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Can You Help Support an Inspiring Scheme for Child Neurosurgery Patients?

November 23, 2022

 The Hairdressing and Beauty Supplies Association (HBSA) is working in conjunction with Denman International to introduce an innovative hairdressing scheme to paediatric neurosurgery theatres across the UK. 

Whilst still under anaesthetic following neurosurgery, patients’ hair is washed, conditioned, detangled and styled by the nurses, creating a high-quality level of care for the children. All hair products are donated from major suppliers – shampoos, conditioners, grips, pins, combs, brushes, etc. – and neatly stored in a trolley that is wheeled into the operating theatre and sanitised between surgeries.  

The scheme, embedded as a trial in the Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children, has proven to be a great success for the patients and their families. It has become a much-valued step in the post-surgery process, consequently allowing for a much higher standard of care. 

With an already existing blueprint, the incorporation of this scheme within more hospitals will be a simple process with immeasurable impacts for all involved. For effective expansion, support from suppliers is essential to ensure we have the necessary materials. Fully packed trolleys will be dispatched to participating hospitals. 

“The nurses and surgeons adore it. They have chosen that career because they want to care for patients. I think this is providing them with another opportunity to really make a positive difference to the experience of the patients. The child and the parents don’t always know what to expect when the child returns post-surgery, and they are delighted when their child returns to them with freshly washed and styled hair.” 

– Rachel Copeland, Consultant Anaesthetist.

Suppliers who wish to support this scheme by donating products should contact the HBSA.