Sign Up for Climate Change

October 27, 2021

URGENT APPEAL | We need you to sign up to the SME CLIMATE HUB now, prior to November 1st – so that our industry will be heard at this years’ UN Climate Change Conference, COP26, as an industry that cares about the future of the planet and that is willing to take action to reduce our carbon footprint.

Why should you care?

Because we know that our industry uses a lot of water, heat, electricity….and all of us are trying to do our bit, but we could be in danger of facing water shortages or tax hikes on industries like ours that are higher carbon output, so let’s do something now to change this.

SME Climate Hub is a global network of like-minded businesses seeking to improve themselves, their community, and the planet. It is an online resource that can help you measure the emissions in your business and give you ways to directly reduce the energy and waste you use daily to help us get to net zero faster and smarter.

We need your DIRECT ACTION by signing up so that the hair and beauty industry are ahead of changes in government and can help shape the ways in which we are solving this climate crisis, together.

BE THE CHANGE that we need to secure our future and for generations beyond. Become One Step Greener.

Sign up here at: Smeclimatehub.org

Thank you from the bottom of our roots.

Gina Conway
Tabitha James-Kraan
Anne Veck
Keith Mellen