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Calligraphy Cut Unveils New Innovation at Exclusive London Event

April 12, 2024

Taking centre stage at the Ham Yard Hotel in London last weekend, Calligraphy Cut Inventor, Frank Brormann, introduced his fresh tool to the industry. The event, attended by esteemed guests, peers and industry icons, showcased both the innovation behind the brand as well as the passion driving its creators.


Kicking off the evening, Brormann captivated the audience with heartfelt words about the profound impact of British hairdressing on the global stage, before explaining the patented concept and engineering behind the new tool.

Stepping into the spotlight, UK Artistic Director, Ky Wilson, demonstrated the Calligraphy Cut tool live on five models, showcasing its versatility across different hair types.

Next, industry icon Anthony Mascolo joined the stage. Engaging in a candid interview with Frank, Anthony shared insights from his extensive career and the inspiration behind the new Calligraphy Cut collection.

The event ended in a lively networking session, where guests had the opportunity to experience the tool firsthand.

Reflecting on the evening, Frank expressed his gratitude to all attendees, emphasising the collaborative spirit driving the Calligraphy Cut movement. He remarks, “Last weekend was not just about introducing a tool; it was about celebrating the artistry and innovation that defines our industry. Together, we’re shaping the future of hairstyling.”

Photography credit: @MauroCarraroPhotos