Business My Pictures in Words | Mark Leeson for Revlon Professional

August 18, 2023

‘Lights! Camera! Action! Part 2’

“It was great working with these two! It’s not always easy to achieve what you initially visualise with mid-length and long hair, but both Liv and Maria got the brief in one. I’ve also got to say, the product support from Revlon Professional’s finishing range, Style Masters, was particularly on point for this shoot.” – Mark Leeson

“What a fabulous start to my journey with Revlon Professional – I loved every single minute of it – if only I could just bottle up the day! I just loved getting hands-on with my model under the expert guidance of the man himself – Mark Leeson. It was a real ‘pinch me moment’ that I will never forget.” – Maria Ianiri

“After my year as a member of the Revlon Professional team – I thought ‘that’s it then’, so I was absolutely delighted to be invited back by Revlon to be part of this incredible shoot for Pro Hair! It was a truly memorable day, and I can’t wait to see the results in print.” – Olivia Bain

Director: Mark Leeson

Hair: Maria Ianiri @ Maria Grazia Salon

Olivia Bain @ Westrow

MUA: Lauren Mathis

Styling: Clare Frith

Photography: Chris Bulezuik

Products: Revlon Professional

Business My Pictures in Words | ‘Lights! Camera! Action! Part 2’ by Mark Leeson

Business My Pictures in Words | ‘Lights! Camera! Action! Part 2’ by Mark Leeson 1

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