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Brides are Back! Providing the perfect consultation with Kirby Blythe

May 06, 2021

Weddings are back for the summer of 2021, with long-awaited events and postponed parties finally back in the calendar.

For bridal stylists, consultations are now more important than ever – lockdown has changed everything; including client’s hair! Perhaps they’ve decided to embrace their natural texture, or maybe they’ve embarked on a colour journey to their natural grey – or perhaps there’s been a DIY cut!

We spoke to Great Lengths bridal specialist KIRBY BLYTHE for her expert insight on providing the perfect consultation, post-lockdown and beyond.

How important is a consultation for a bride?
It’s one of the most important meetings you’ll have! If it’s the first time you have met, it’s crucial to present your portfolio, discuss the vibe of the wedding, talk about any ideas they have for the overall look and hair, find out about any accessories and establish if what you’re discussing is achievable – and where extensions fit in!

What information are you trying to ascertain during a bridal consultation?
I’m assessing the hair, considering if the desired look is achievable and finding out what they like and don’t like. It’s also important to work out where the hair is being done on the day – i.e. at the venue or the salon. How far away is it, what time do I need to arrive, how many people are in the bridal party and do I need an extra pair of hands for prep?

What are the three most important questions to ask?

Why have you chosen me? Is it the style of hair I do, because I can offer Great Lengths extensions too, or because you’ve seen one of my images on social and want that exact look?

How do you normally wear your hair? Do you want to look completely different and change up your image, or be the best possible version of you?

What’s the dress like? I want to find out about the neckline, and plans for any accessories or heavy jewellery like big earrings. Ideally, I always like to see a photo because it helps you build a picture ahead of the wedding day.

Do you have any top tips for letting people down gently if you think their dream idea might not work?
Tell them what you think WILL look amazing. Don’t say “that’s not for you” – turn it around and say, “I envisage you like this”. Inspire them! It’s important to strike the balance between what you know will work for their hair type and what suits them, while still listening to what they want. Be very diplomatic at all times.

How can you introduce the idea of extensions for achieving a chosen look to a client who might not have had them before?
I don’t always suggest a bride has a full head of extensions, but will suggest them for volume and fullness. I always emphasise the luxuriousness of Great Lengths extensions and the looks that can be achieved and I use my portfolio to show clients exactly what I’m envisioning. I never want my brides to feel pressured into having extensions, but I do always showcase what can be achieved with them.

Is there anything new you need to keep in mind for a bridal consultation post-lockdown?
The first step would be a video consultation (if we are unable to meet), but now we have re-opened this can be done in salon to look at her hair, talk about lifestyle and find out if we have the availability to do everything she wants ahead of the wedding, depending on how far away the wedding is after lockdown. We would need to talk about colour treatments, possibly adding more extensions to match in with post lockdown hair. It’s also important to know what has been applied on the hair during lockdown e.g. have they applied a box colour? In which case it is likely to fade very quickly, so colour matching with Great Lengths could be tricky.