Braiding styles, Hair Tools and ABC x PEGGY GOU | Style memo

December 22, 2023


Intricate hair braiding involves weaving together multiple sections of hair to create elaborate patterns. With many different styles, the ability to master the technique requires a high level of skill, patience and attention to detail. In order to achieve these desired results, you must have a deep understanding of various braiding techniques and patterns:

Cornrows – a traditional African braiding technique where the hair is braided closely to the scalp in rows, creating a raised effect. The rows can be simple straight lines or intricate geometric patterns.

Box Braids – Box Braids involve sectioning the hair into small, square or rectangular parts and braiding each section from the scalp to the ends. These braids are chunky and are often adorned with beads or other decorations.

Ghana Braids (Feed-InBraids) – Ghana Braids involve incorporating additional hair as you braid, creating a “feed-in”effect. This technique allows for more complex designs and patterns, as well as a more natural look at the scalp.

Dutch Braids – Dutch braids, also known as reverse braids or inside-out braids, involve crossing the sections under each other instead of over, resulting in a braid that appears raised from the scalp.

Basket Weave Braids – Basketweave braids involve weaving strands of hair over and under each other to create a woven or basket-like pattern. This technique can be used to create elaborate up dos and styles.


Authentic Beauty Concept unveils its new, exclusive Gift Bag Set, now available for retail to salon clients. Endorsed by the fabulous Peggy Gou –the new face ofAuthentic Beauty Concept –this premium gift set includes a thoughtfully curated collection of haircare essentials from the hydrate range, packed in a luxurious sustainable cosmetic bag. Comprised of a Cleanser, Conditioner and innovative Sensorial Cream Scrub, enrich your clients’ salon visits with a delightful and practical gift that nourishes and pampers their hair.

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As part of its new Gothic Glamour range, the Denman Deluxe D38 Snake Power Paddle is the perfect addition for any dark and grungy kit bag. With a black snakeskin pattern and polished pins to glide effortlessly through the hair, the brush is ideal for prepping, curl definition and blow-drying.

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Engineered for high visibility and accuracy whilst trimming, the new High Visibility Trimmer from Wahl features a skeleton design with an extra-wide t-blade, as well as DLC andTitanium coatings to keep the blades cooler and sharper for longer. The all-metal housing is complete with a high-performance lithium battery to provide a 2+ hour runtime.

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