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Botanical Colour, a vegan, gluten-free natural colour from ASP Kitoko

October 25, 2019

Introducing Botanical Colour, a vegan, gluten-free natural colour from ASP Kitoko.  

For clients looking for a natural way to colour hair, the new vegan friendly and gluten free ASP Kitoko Botanical Colour gives them that option. There are 12 shades available which are based on seven natural dyes that have a purified and preservative-free formulation.

The seven natural dyes include; Henna- metal free; Cassia; Indigo; Walnut Husk; Bloodwood tree; Turmeric and Rhubarb.

All shades are 87-100% organic, plant based and ammonia free. This deposit only, plant-based colour mixes with water for beautiful, damage-free results that last up to 20 washes. It is perfect for fragile or damaged hair as well as first-time colour clients and those with ingredient sensitivities. It leaves the hair feeling stronger, fuller and healthier looking with an incredible shine and vibrancy.

Available in 12 striking ready to use pre-blended shades, the colour range is free from peroxide, ammonia, resorcinol, ppd and ptd with up to 100% white coverage. All colours are intermixable.

Warm shades – Nutmeg; Cranberry; Chocolate; Autumn Berries; All Spice; Paprika; Dark Cinnamon; Damson and Manuka Honey

Cool shades – Bitter Chocolate and Peppercorn

Neutral shade – Crystal Clear. Crystal Clear can also be mixed and applied on its own as a conditioning treatment to give incredible shine, condition & texture, without colour.

The range also includes a Primer Shampoo, designed for optimum colour penetration to ensure the best possible blank canvas before applying colour.

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