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Booked..! | Luke Benson’s April Diary

April 17, 2024

Celebrity hairdresser, groomer and new salon owner, Luke Benson shares his latest session snaps with us –you can find Luke’s diary highlights here with us every month in Pro Hair.

Booked..! | Luke Benson’s April Diary 1

As you can imagine, this was a shoot full of energy!
It was a super fun day working with these two best mates for Arcadia magazine, promoting all things SAM AND PETE, which included taking their podcast on tour. It was nice as I got to do full haircuts on them both too, which is often a rarity on talent shoots. I really enjoy getting to show off my cutting skills. Stay tuned for the final images…

Booked..! | Luke Benson’s April Diary 2

📍HERE 4 YOU Campaign
This was a great campaign to work on alongside two of my good mates (and clients). ROMAN KEMP interviewed TOM GRENNAN, who did an amazing acoustic performance of his song with the same title as the campaign. The campaign was all about championing mental health awareness and the help that is out there. Go and check it out online now…

Booked..! | Luke Benson’s April Diary 3

I was back in Belfast for 10 days shooting the next series of THE FINISH LINE for the BBC. 30 episodes were recorded, so very long days, but really great fun and a fantastic team over there – it was great to see them all again. It was the first long stretch I’ve been away from my salon too, so that was a test for the control freak in me! But everything was fine and it made me have even more trust and love for my team.

Booked..! | Luke Benson’s April Diary 6

I went to Amsterdam to shoot a new content campaign for KEUNE GLOBAL based on upcoming hair trend research. It was a great team and full-on day creating different looks. Now to go through 421 images to pick nine to use… haha!

Booked..! | Luke Benson’s April Diary 5

This was such a great location for a really cool collaboration shoot. I can’t reveal much yet, but keep your eyes peeled in upcoming issues for the final images and campaign film…

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