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Book Club | There is no planet B by Mike Berners-Lee – Chosen by Anne Veck

May 18, 2021

Anne Veck –

” Books- Sustainability & saving the planet is the overwhelming priority for everyone these days and we’ve found two books by the same author both really interesting and easy reads but also packed full of amazingly useful facts.

The author is Mike Berners-Lee (who’s brother Tim invented the internet!). The 1st is There is no planet B, in which he presents joined up thinking on everything to do with climate change, food, ecology, population and economics with practical ideas of what you can actually do about it. A bit like our Salon Re:Source on steroids! The 2nd is How bad are bananas? in which he gives you the carbon footprint of everything. Although not really everything because he misses out the carbon footprint of going to the hairdressers! But pretty much everything else you could possible think of! And some of it will surprise you. “

Buy There is no planet B HERE

Buy How bad are bananas? HERE

Anne Veck’s resolutions to support salons’ sustainability goals