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Book Club | The Fear Bubble by Ant Middleton

January 15, 2021

Sharing books to inspire life improvements, help your business or just find calm…

I appreciate the Special Forces and the hairdressing industry are worlds apart but I wanted to find a book that wasn’t just about business but also one that could help me deal with daily fears and negative energy. Ant Middleton’s The Fear Bubble talks about harnessing the power of fear and understanding the positive force that it can become, which I’ve taken on board for my business” –

Dan Mewies, founder of Mewies & Co and Authentic Beauty Concept Ambassador

“One of my all-time self help favourite books is The Fear Bubble by Ant Middleton
In this book he talks about how to use fear as positive energy to push ourselves to do the things that we want to do, but often times we don’t, because we are scared of getting out of our comfort zone.”-

Danilo Giangreco, Danilo Hair Boutique, Chelsea

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