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Product of the Week: JOICO Blonde Life Collection

May 15, 2023

Bonded by Blonde

Introducing the newly enhanced Blonde Life collection that builds bonds for strong blondes

Helmond, the Netherlands – If you already love Blonde Life, this reveal is going to make you jump for JOI. If you haven’t tried it yet – we’re pretty sure you’re about to be a convert. We’re launching the newly enhanced Blonde Life collection for all your salon needs! 

Meet the NEW Blonde Life all-stars: 

Bonded by Blonde

NEW Balayage Lightener

No more having to choose between lift and creative freedom. We’ve teamed the power of Blonde Life Lightening Powder with the precision of kaolin clay in our NEW Blonde Life Balayage Lightener that lifts hair up to 7+ levels in a single application. 

  • Soft clay formula that stays put when lifting 
  • Stays moist and does not transfer when processing
  • Balayage and freehand painting techniques become stunningly simple and speedy  

NEW Blonde Life Demi Gloss shades 

Blonde Life Demi Gloss shades are the most versatile tool in the entire Blonde Life system —allowing you to tone and customize pre-lightened hair with seven stunning shades you can mix and match to your clients’ needs. 

  • One formula tones, glazes & glosses. Helps refresh dull, brassy blondes 
  • Ideal viscosity for drip-free bottle application 
  • Leaves hair looking luminous and shiny 
  • Intermixable shades for customizable results in one step 
  • Available in popular 8N, 10N, 9SB, 10SB, 9V, 10V & CLEAR 

NEW Coconut Oil Developers

Mix some Coconut Oil into the blonding process with three NEW Blonde Life Developers – formulated to work in harmony with all Blonde Life lighteners and toners to leave hair feeling soft and hydrated. 

  • Easy-to-mix, spreadable, creamy consistency 
  • Available in 5 Volume, 10 Volume, and 20 Volume 
  • Gives hair a beautiful, smooth look and soft feel 

NEW Blonde Life Packaging…

We’ve moved the current 1lb and 2lb Powder Lighteners from pouches into easy-open, easy-to-stack canisters, with a more sustainable profile. You’ll have the same high-lift formula you know and love – but now, they’re sustainably packaged in 100% recycled fiber paperboard. Our Crème Lightener is transitioning from the current 8.5 oz tube to a handy 10.5 oz size.  

Let’s look inside…

Going blonde (or blonder) doesn’t have to mean giving up healthy-looking hair. With Blonde Life’s innovative formulas – developed with bond-building Arginine, Tamanu and Monoi Oils, and Coconut Oil – hairstylists can confidently and quickly lift hair with strong, shiny-looking results.  

  1. To give blonde hair the VIP treatment it deserves and demands, all Blonde Life products contain a signature blend of essential fatty acids, including Monoi and Tamanu Oils. 
  2. Bond-Building Arginine: You can find this signature ingredient in all Blonde Life Lighteners and Toners including: Blonde Life Lightening Powder, Crème Lightener, Balayage Lightener, Demi Gloss, and Quick Tone Liqui-Crème Toner 
  3. Coconut Oil: Our new Blonde Life Developers are formulated with Coconut Oil to help hair look smooth and feel soft and hydrated.  

Blonde Life Builds Bonds … here’s the proof!

Excitement was in the air (and hair!) as we brought together some of the best and brightest stars in the industry to experience the JOI of this newly-enhanced lightening collection – a collection that covers all your blonding needs, from light to dark and everything in between.  

We put 4 hairdressers behind the chair to collaborate and together they achieved 7 dramatic, gorgeous transformations. Bronde Balayage, Caramel Sundae Curls and a gorgeous Glossy Copper … just a few looks you can expect to see. Not surprisingly, the results were stunning … the feedback from their clients was off-the-charts (a new bond rooted in trust) … and you don’t have to take our word for it – you can watch it unfold yourself, on Instagram @joicoeurope   

For more information about JOICO or Blonde Life, click here #blondelife #bondedbyblonde