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Behind the Scenes at Daniel W Fletcher

June 28, 2023

Fudge Professional recently collaborated with session stylist Blake Henderson for a series of hair looks for the Daniel W Fletcher AW23 Show. Consisting of nine different suits, the collection was created in partnership with Huntsman Savile Row, who provided the tailoring for all the looks.

“The hair was inspired by the sleek Teddy Boy hairstyles of the 1950s, but updated with a modern twist,” explains Blake. Fletcher’s decision to partner with Huntsman Saville Row in fact stemmed from the label’s position as one of the earliest trailblazers behind the initial Teddy Boy craze.

Blake used a variety of Fudge Professional styling products to create the Teddy Boy inspired look:

Behind the Scenes at Daniel W Fletcher

1. Firstly, the hair was combed back and slicked down with a generous helping of Hair Shaper. This was distributed evenly throughout the hair to provide extreme shine and hold. The hair was then diffused until the product had completely set. Once slicked back, it was held in place using the Skyscraper, before being finished off with the Hed Shine Spray to create a slick, shiny result.

Behind the Scenes at Daniel W Fletcher 1

2. For models with longer hair, the hair was split horizontally into two sections. The bottom half was tied back into a ponytail, whilst the top section was slicked back as above.

Behind the Scenes at Daniel W Fletcher 2

3. On other models, front framing pieces were twisted round into spirals and set into place on the forehead using the Skyscraper.

Whilst the Teddy Boy hairstyle is usually characterised by its height, Blake’s modern interpretation additionally incorporated face framing twirls and a high-shine finish. This modern twist on a traditional hairstyle brilliantly reflected the essence of Fletcher’s collection, taking a traditional tailored suit and making it fit for the modern day.