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Be your Best with Carolyn Newman | Elaje Hair and Beauty Salon

April 05, 2023

Over the following months, Pro Hair will be shadowing award-winning colour expert and international educator, Carolyn Newman, through a brand-new, exclusive mentorship programme.

With an aim of giving back to the industry through supporting the future generation of hairdressers, Carolyn’s first stop is the Elaje Hair and Beauty Salon in Cambridge.

What is it? 

  • For many years, I have been wanting to support the next generation; this is me giving back and supporting our industry.
  • I will be visiting each salon for one day every two months, working with apprentices, assistants, or graduate stylists. (Anyone who is in their first 1-2 years of running a column.)  
  • This is a three session programme with a maximum of five students. 
  • I will be conducting expert aspirational training; this will not interfere with the salon’s normal training plans, but will instead focus on client care, professionalism, communication skills, consultations and delivering quality hair through colour, cuts and styling. The sessions will have a combination of theory, demonstrations with me and practical sessions with models. 
  • The regular salon trainers are more than welcome to observe and work with me if they wish to as well. 
  • A special certificate will be given on completion of all three sessions. 
  • The value of this mentorship is £3,750. 

How long will it last? 

  • The programme’s pilot will take place with Elaje Hair and Beauty Salon in Cambridge, commencing Tuesday 11th April.
  • Moving forwards, I plan to open up the mentorship to any other salons located in the UK and Ireland. 

What does it cost?

  • The mentorship does not hold a fee, but travel and accommodation expenses are expected if applicable. 

What does the programme consist of?

We will cover both craft and communication skills under the three learning pillars: 

  • Session 1 – Confidence 
  • Session 2 – Create 
  • Session 3 – Consistency 

1 Confidence – This will work on the basics; from consultations and techniques to achieving the perfect style for every client. We will guide you through practical tips and tools, allowing you to carry out work with confidence and be proud of the finished results. 

2 Create – This is the class where we will challenge your creativity. We will focus on how to introduce the optimum look to your models or clients through current salon hair trends and how to achieve success with client expectations. We will specifically analyse what inspires you and how you can channel that inspiration into being creative.

3 Consistency – To be a successful hairdresser you need to be consistent with your craft and communication skills. We will look at the A-Z of client experience from start to finish. You will learn how to translate these consistent skills to ensure your clients return again and again, ultimately allowing you to build a successful column. 

Be your Best with Carolyn Newman 1Annabel Deans – Aspiring Stylist

Annabel is an up-and-coming stylist who joined Elaje 12 months ago. Fresh from her apprenticeship, she chose Elaje as the place to progress on her craft and communication skills. Demonstrating natural talent, Annabel specialises in all salon colour services and is now ready to focus on her cutting skills. To ensure she can deliver an all-round service to her clients, she will complete her cutting training in the summer. Annabel is very excited to complete the ‘Be Your Best’ programme and is looking forward to working with Carolyn on complicated colour changes and technical haircuts.

Chloe Morgan – Stylist 

Chloe is a rising star in the salon and an integral part of Team Elaje. As a gifted professional in all aspects of haircare, she has great experience working with her clients, particularly offering a variety of beautiful colour results. Chloe works incredibly hard to invest in her career, thriving in everything she takes on. She is looking forward to working with Carolyn to further develop her technical theory knowledge, as well as practical, contemporary colour skills.

Be your Best with Carolyn Newman 2

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