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Be Your Best with Carolyn Newman | Annabel and Chloe

April 27, 2023

Over the following months, Pro Hair is shadowing award-winning colour expert and international educator, Carolyn Newman, through a new, exclusive mentorship programme.

With an aim of giving back to the industry through supporting the future generation of hairdressers, Carolyn’s first stop is the Elaje Hair and Beauty Salon in Cambridge.

12th April 2023 with Annabel and Chloe from Elaje Hair & Beauty 

Session 1 – Confidence 

  • We had a fantastic training day which included theory and practical work.
  • The session started with an introduction of the programme and confirmation of dates.
  • We discussed confidence and how it affects working with clients in both cutting and colouring services and skills. The girls completed a S.W.O.T analysis on their skills which helped us plan the rest of their education. We then worked on strategies to use for successful client communication and dealing positively with high expectations.
  • We focused on colour change theory including adding colour in and removing artificial colour.
  • This led us nicely onto our model session where we focused on consultation questions and very detailed technical analysis to create a step-by-step case study.
  • Chloe applied her first ever virgin head pre-lightener application and was delighted with the end result. The skills covered included: looking at natural pigments in detail, precise application and toning choices.

  • Annabel had a client with copper hair who wanted a softer natural look and again the client was thrilled with the final result. The skills covered included: cleansing out permanent hair colour, testing hair, effective sectioning and colour placement.

Next date – Monday 12th June

Session 2 – Create

This is the class where we will challenge creativity. We will focus on how to introduce the optimum look to models or clients through current salon hair trends and how to achieve success with client expectations, looking particularly at you can channel that inspiration into being creative.

Follow our exclusive journey with Carolyn Newman and her ‘Be Your Best’ mentorship programme right here