Be Your Best with Carolyn Newman | Annabel and Chloe Part Three 

August 31, 2023

This year, Pro Hair is shadowing award-winning colour expert and international educator, Carolyn Newman, through her exclusive mentorship programme.

With an aim of giving back to the industry through supporting the future generation of hairdressers, Carolyn’s first stop has been the Elaje Hair and Beauty Salon in Cambridge.

14th August 2023 with Annabel and Chloe from Elaje Hair & Beauty

Session 3 – Consistency

To be a successful hairdresser and operate that perfect column, you need to be consistent with your craft and communication skills. For this third session, we focused on the A-Z of the client experience, looking at how to translate these consistent skills to ensure clients return again and again.

I started the day by reviewing how the last training session had impacted the girls’ working weeks over the last two months. I was so pleased to learn that the programme was helping them both to feel much more confident in the salon.

  • We started the session by going over consultation and communication skills, ensuring they both had a consistent delivery formula and service style for either new or regular clients.
  • During the morning theory session, we focused on all Freehand, Balayage, Tipping Out, Face frames and Highlighting techniques, dissecting different images to work out which technique had been used to achieve them.
  • Next, I presented my face framing styles, and we discussed how you achieve a Mini, Midi or Maxi face frame to suit the client’s request.
  • We also looked at the impact of the natural hair on the colour result when working with freehand and balayage techniques, as well as how this impacts whether you do an enclosed or open application.
  • We then watched some video tutorials, discussing the different techniques used and what would or would not work for Annabel and Chloe.
  • In the afternoon, both girls worked on their models. Following detailed consultations that looked at face shape and skin tone using the colour fan, they worked on perfecting their blonde colouring techniques.

Be Your Best with Carolyn Newman | Annabel and Chloe Part Three  4

Chloe created a soft, gentle, ombre look that used Tipping Out and a Mini face frame.

“I have loved Carolyn’s Be Your Best programme because I have learnt so many useful new skills and techniques that I can now use day-to-day in the salon. I have learnt how to do a virgin global pre-lightener application, creative sectioning and how to maximise my skills in balayage. She has helped me grow my confidence in my skills, knowledge and within myself!”– Chloe Morgan

Be Your Best with Carolyn Newman | Annabel and Chloe Part Three  1

Annabel created a heavier balayage with Tipping Out and a Midi face frame.

“The Be Your Best programme has been an amazing experience and I am gutted it’s over – I have loved every second of the three sessions we have had together! As a young hairdresser just starting my journey, Carolyn has helped me become so confident in all of my knowledge and application. Thank you Carolyn, you are amazing!” – Annabel Deans

Overall, I had such a fabulous day with the girls, and we are all a little bit sad that the Be Your Best Mentoring programme has finished. They will receive their certificates soon.

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