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Be ready with your festive party hairstyles

November 05, 2021

As the rush is just around the corner, Mark McCarthy, owner of MARKDAVID salon, looks at seasonal trends for client party hair.

For Christmas 2021 one of the biggest trends for hair will be relaxed, messy waves. Think beachy waves but a little softer in appearance but still with lots of texture. For creating this look I like to start with the hair damp and distribute some hair mousse before scrunching in some texture spray to enhance the client’s natural waves and give their hair grit and texture without feeling stiff. You can also create this hair look by using heated styling irons to tousle the hair before brushing out for a softer appearance. Always finish by adding some texture spray to give the hair an almost ‘undone’ look, as well as to give the hair extra body and hold.

Be ready with your festive party hairstyles

When it comes to updos, it’s all about braids and twists this festive season. Think super long, luscious looking braids that really make a statement and polished braided buns. This year we will notice all updos looking sleek in appearance, being slicked off the face for a more sophisticated look, letting the updo do all of the talking. The beauty of these hairstyles is that they can be created incredibly easily but look instantly chic – the perfect kind of styles for client’s going from desk to dance floor! 

Be ready with your festive party hairstyles 1

Chignon like styles will also be popular for the season. Again, worn sleek with the hair being rolled into a knot for an incredibly feminine and classic party look. With these looks I always like to create a tight, high ponytail first before creating the bun or chignon or twist and I always recommend using a gel or serum to keep the hair going into the bun or braid looking smooth and to provide a mirror like shine that’s key for the festive season! If you have trouble creating the bun or chignon, a dry shampoo or light texture spray is a great product to mist through the ponytail before styling into the bun to give the hair added texture and hold before finishing the whole look with a hairspray with shine to hold it in place all day and night long.

Be ready with your festive party hairstyles 2