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At home with Laura Whitmore | Life in Lockdown

May 12, 2020

Love Island TV presenter Laura Whitmore shares her lockdown beauty routine and her tips for staying upbeat in quarantine.

What are your three tips for staying upbeat in quarantine?

‘’I think it’s important in this time to have those little isolation treats that make you feel better. It can be anything from having a cookie from the treat drawer – the caramel digestives are a must for when I really need them or I ration normal digestives! Or doing my hair using the new ghd upbeat collection.

I have the ghd platinum+ styler that is bright blue – it makes me happy just looking at it. Even if no one except my boyfriend sees me, doing my hair and putting on some lippy makes me feel a bit better in myself.’’

How have you adapted your beauty routine while in quarantine? E.g. Have you been able to dedicate more time to beauty regimes/hair masks etc?

‘’I’ve had more time than ever to pamper myself. I’ve been using hair treatments (ghd Advanced Split End Therapy) and face masks which I love and learning how to do more hair styles that I never tried before lockdown. There is so many great videos online and my hair stylist Sophie Sugarman (@themanestyle) has been doing live tutorials with me which have been so helpful and I get to share them with my followers.’’

How much are you missing your hairdresser and are you tempted to try any at home colour treatments…or at home haircuts?

‘’It’s been great having Sophie (@themanestyle) teach me some tips for home styling. However I haven’t even attempted to dye or cut my hair. I so miss going into the hair salon. I cut my boyfriend’s hair and that didn’t go too well but at least it was short to begin with and it will have grown before lockdown is over.

My hair is slowly going from blonde to balayage which I actually quite like. As soon as lockdown is over I will definitely be booking a hair appointment in.’’

Laura’s two hair must haves:

NEW ghd helios professional hairdryer in neo-mint available here

“I love the ghd helios hairdryer. I take the nozzle off and rough dry my hair, but sometimes I will put it back on to smooth it out. It’s really quick to dry my hair with the helios hairdryer, I have so much hair and it dries it in about 15 minutes!”

NEW ghd platinum+ styler in cobalt blue available here

“I always use the ghd platinum+ for styling my hair and I now have the new cobalt blue colour from the upbeat collection. it’s set at the optimum temperature that doesn’t damage your hair and it comes in a really nice case, I actually want to use it as a handbag. It’s handy because I travel quite a lot so it’s nice to be able to put the styler in there.”

“I use the platinum+ to create messy boho waves usually – and I find it actually very therapeutic to curl hair, it feels good. I remember when I first got a pair of ghd’s and learnt how to do curls with it, it was just the best thing ever!”