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Are you Aware of the #CostOfCutting?

December 12, 2022

As we all know, the hairdressing sector is hugely reliant on high-energy use. Gas and electricity are vital for maintaining important hygiene and safety standards; clean towels, robes, hot water and continual airflow through air-conditioning systems cannot be optional. However, due to the war in Ukraine, increasing demand for goods post-Covid, and the aftermath of Brexit, 2022 has seen the cost of living increase at its fastest rate in 40 years. 

Whilst over 80% of salons have already implemented efficiency measures, many businesses are still struggling to manage the rocketing energy prices. In response, The British Beauty Council is urging stakeholders and beauty consumers to support salons and ensure businesses can withstand the true #CostOfCutting. 

It is often easy to forget that each part of the cutting or colouring process uses a certain amount of energy. So, here are ways consumers can help: 

  • Ask for your hair to be washed in cooler water, and only go for one wash instead of multiple.
  • Make sure the person cutting your hair knows you are happy to keep the same towel throughout your treatment. 
  • Gowns aren’t necessary unless you are dying your hair, make sure you only say ‘yes’ when you need one.
  • Charge your phone and laptop before you go. 

On a wider, industry scale, we encourage everyone to continue to realise the value of beauty. This is not only in terms of economic value, but the importance of beauty for wellbeing purposes – aka investing in yourself – as well as the environmental value of purchasing what you love more consciously.  

To find out how rising bills are hitting salons, we visited Neil Moodie’s Studio in London to document the average cost increase of running appliances right now in comparison to 2019. 

Watch the video to see the true impact of the energy crisis on hairdressers and barbers: