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Anne Veck’s resolutions to support salons’ sustainability goals

January 28, 2021

Sustainability is at the heart of Anne Veck Oxford. In fact, the business is so dedicated to environmental ethics that they are the UK’s first – and only – Carbon Neutral salon.

Anne and Keith are proud to currently be running a sustainable and ethical business, and are so committed to supporting other hairdressers in their green choices that they have pooled all of their resources and research to create a three-part sustainable salon toolkit – available free of charge to support the rest of the industry in making the small changes that will make a big impact.

The tool kit which goes under the name of Salon Re:Source is the result of years of work, trial and error and tried-and-tested products, suppliers and services. The exhaustive, but accessible, guide is separated into three stages: Quick Wins, Next Steps and Major Changes.

“Anything we can do, you can do too,” she says. “Salon Re:Source is designed to make it easy to make your salon more sustainable and ethical. We believe that we are now trading in a world where being kind to our fellow humans and the earth resonates with our clients and is the key to commercial success. Becoming a sustainable salon is a journey. We are all where we are, rather than where we’d like to be, on this – so do what you can, but start now!”

“For immediate, maximum, positive, world-changing action, check out our three top tips,” says Anne. “If you do just three things, do these. These actions will make a big, positive difference to several major problems in one go.”

1. Change from cotton to biodegradable, compostable towels, capes and gowns

In the salon, this change will save water, reduce energy use and reduce staff time spent on laundry. Where cotton is grown, it will reduce damaging industrial farming and water usage. Having an individual towel for each client also means improved hygiene, which is crucial in the current climate.

Biodegradable towels, capes and gowns can be composted, or even go to landfill with no harm done. They should be made from sustainable materials, saving rainforests from destruction. We use Easydry. Others are available but it is not always clear from their websites if the wood-based material they use is sustainably and ethically produced so it is really important to do your research and ask the questions.

2. Switch to green energy

Move to a clean energy supplier. Several providers guarantee 100% green electricity, generated from renewables with a percentage of their gas coming from green sources as well. The list includes Ecotricity, Good Energy and Green Energy UK.

3. Work with a conscious supplier

There are an increasing number of well- known brands offering safe, ethically and sustainably-produced products and packaging, free of harsh chemicals and including organic and vegan ranges. In terms of packaging, there is debate about which materials are the most sustainable – advanced plastics, reclaimed plastics, glass, aluminium, etc.

Elsewhere in the first part of Salon Re:Source you’ll find in depth advice and tips for quick and easy changes that don’t cost much money, if anything, and which will start to help you save money straight away.

Sections covered, with recommendations and advice for each, include:

  • Reducing energy consumption and carbon footprint though smart choices and changes in lighting, heat and insulation.
  • Water usage and how to manage and improve it.
  • Plastic consumption and alternatives to single-use plastics – including refreshments, gloves, recycling and reusing necessary plastics.
  • Waste reduction and recycling, including for hairdressing materials, hair, colour and foils.
  • Paper, printing and digital alternatives.
  • Ethical refreshments to cater for all diets.
  • Sustainable cleaning products and brands.
  • Ethical and sustainable technology choices, including programs, internet providers and devices.
  • Plants, air freshener alternatives and more options for a fresh, fragrant salon.
  • Supporting local suppliers and charities.

Salon Re:Source also contains information on accreditation for sustainable and ethical salons, and contacts for even more support in your green journey.  For more information and to download the guide for absolutely free: