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Anne Veck Oxford introduces pre-appointment deposits post lockdown

April 08, 2021

Anne Veck used lockdown to revise her approach to bookings as she and partner Keith Mellen strive to improve every aspect of their business.

Their latest review has led them to permanently introduce a pre-payment deposit scheme upon reopening. ‘We tested this post lockdown 2 as we had had a level of no-shows, so we needed to implement a safety net for the business.’

This has had a natural lead into permanently introducing deposits on all services of higher value such as colour services but excludes cut and blow dries and men’s cuts.

With clients now valuing their hairdresser more than ever, Anne Veck and her business partner and husband Keith Mellen believe that now is the time for all salons to do this. In their opinion, it reinforces hairdressing’s professionalism. Anne Veck says, “We have used the data and feedback from the first trial, and fine-tuned our communication around this, that said we also use our discretion, so where a client is a long-time reliable client we flag these so that whilst we explain for clients we are introducing this new system, we also offer that as long-time valued clients, if they are happy with the old system, we apply our common sense.  The last thing we want to do is offend or change the values of the relationship but in our trial we faced no problems amongst clients and this idea was met broadly with great understanding.”

“Another positive aspect of this pre-payment for many is that it also helps spread the cost of the appointment, but what we interestingly have found on a business level, is that those who had pre-paid, were the ones who were so pleased their bill was less at the point of appointment they spent more on retail or gifts”.

Anne and Keith also made a decision that for those clients who are not happy to pay a deposit, perhaps this is an indication that they are not committed to the service, and it is no-shows and late cancellations from these clients that will reduce the inevitable losses.

By introducing the new scheme Anne Veck Oxford hope that this will help clients to respect their hair professional and their appointment.  A positive from the pandemic and a bit of a game changer for the industry.