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Anne Veck | Lockdown legacy

July 06, 2020

Are we seeing a changing face for the consultation? Does the virtual consultation bring into focus something that has become part and parcel of the hair appointment without client or stylist really engaging?  Anne Veck is thinking upon these questions and in response is planning to take one of the lockdown elements and making it a permanent feature in her business model.

Having conducted hundreds of virtual consultations (like many salons), Anne is reflecting on this becoming a fixed part of her offering.  “it has been fairly stressful doing such a great number of consultations like this, but I can see that this is going to be important for us once we get into a more usual level of operating and the virtual consultations are a really good way of making the consultation a standalone conversation, a really important focus on the client’s concerns and needs and a chance to assess the needs for the appointment”.  Anne feels that this added service and contact with the clients not only improves understanding of what is ahead but also ensures that the business allows enough time to deliver.  These consultations are, she says, particularly important for major colour work, but also for transformational new looks of any nature.

So, there it is a positive lockdown legacy. A keeper.  Nice.

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