Andrew Barton Explores the Value of Continual Professional Development

May 24, 2023

Celebrity hairdresser Andrew Barton explores the value of continual professional development (CPD) and its benefits to success and work happiness.

Being happy in our work place depends on many factors – the surroundings, the flow of work, the dynamics of working with others and absolute confidence in delivering core skills. There is also great reward for both the stylist and the salon as a whole when regular training is conducted, especially when it’s in line with the business strategy.

The salon is the heart of community life, with barbershops and salons supporting local economies and high streets –interestingly, over 26% of salons can be found in villages.

My career started in a village salon and I’m ever grateful for the vision that the salon owner had to invest in CPD for her team –particulary knowing the value that training people has on increasing productivity and customer satisfaction.

Salon businesses were disproportionately affected by Covid, and many have fallen away or are still challenged by cash flow issues after being closed for 140 days in 2020 –not to mention the shift in work patterns and the nation’s increased energy costs etc.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom, and many hairdressers are now seeing growth. Whilst online training has grown incredibly, reports also suggest that live, face-to-face education is still preferred. Making an investment incompetence-based, tailored training brings many benefits.

As a salon owner/manager, I have always made the following three considerations to ensure I invest in the right training for my team, and it’s what guides me now as an educator delivering my BARTON BESPOKE in-salon training across the UK.


Stylists and apprentices are more motivated to learn when the benefits of the training are personalised to their needs, this means their own salon is often the ideal location. Upskilling in areas that require refreshment or inspiration reduces the costs caused by a lack of confidence or ability.

Cost effectiveness can easily be measured by the buzz created by training and new approaches to delivery of services. Being on home turf has the added benefit of the whole team receiving training –there are also no travel or accommodation costs. A salon is a fashion store andCPD is required to ensure professionals are up to date with trends and services.


When training is relevant to the salon’s unique needs, and respects the core values of the business, then it unites stylists and apprentices to feel supported –this then improves morale, service, and efficiency. CPD empowers people to upskill their game and deliver great work with more confidence.


Stylists and apprentices are much more competent in meeting their work objectives and goals when they have insight into the overall strategy of the business and how it impacts their working day. Knowing what work performance objectives are –either individual or for the team –brings measurable benefits.

In-salon training also focuses on the needs of that salon’s team and its business strategy; when people feel invested in, there is a boost to job satisfaction and increased wellbeing at work. In a service-orientated, ever-changing business landscape, there is no doubt of the value of CPD.

The objective of all training should be to enable the learner to refocus, adapt old practices and feel valued, whatever their experience level. Training is the lifeblood of the hairdressing industry and while we are navigating new economic challenges, there is still optimism:through training individuals to be the best they can be, hairdressing will continue to play its part in fashion, popular culture and local economies.

Hairdressing is a treat for many and a necessity for others, and as a career it can be incredible rewarding when equipped with CPD.I love the work that I do presenting in-salon training, meeting the team and helping them to reach their goals. Ultimately, I love having a creative jam together to create beautiful hair.

If this feature has inspired you to think about a bespoke in-salon training session with me, contact @Andrew_barton_hair or @andrewbartonable.

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