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Andrew Barton becomes Headmasters Franchisee

February 20, 2019

Since becoming Creative Director of Headmasters in the summer of 2018, Andrew Barton has fallen in love with the brand. He has now decided he wants to take the next step and become the Franchise Owner of Headmasters Mayfair.

Headmasters has over 60 salons and a progressive franchise program empowers hairdressers to own their own Headmasters salon, offering strong support and commitment from the Headmasters group every step of the way.

Andrew Barton says, “Since joining Headmasters as Creative Director I have been delighted to work alongside such a dynamic team and business. My role is to build upon the success and reputation of the salon group, lead the creative team, represent the brand as an industry leader and help to develop future strategy. Owning the Headmasters Mayfair salon as a franchisee will be the perfect synergy between my greater role in the business and leading the Headmasters flagship salon. My passion has always been to give clients beautiful, wearable hair and dedicated customer service in a great environment alongside a talented team of experts and I am so excited to fulfil this with Headmasters.”